Finyl Vinyltrex fence installation; damage to customer property; threatening voiding of fence warranty; failing to respond to complaints

We started planning our Trex fence with landlord neighbors/tenants on either side last year, obtaining and providing bids, information, warranty specifics, etc. My husband researched the 3 Trex companies and found good reviews for Finyl Vinyl on BBB and other sites, decided to go with them and persuading our neighbors to do so. There was a Trex representative as well. Finally the job was scheduled, pricing obtained/approved, specifics worked out after Finyl Vinyl and Trex measured, inspected and re-inspected the site.
Finyl Vinyl came in with a crew and started installation along both sides and back alley. There were difficulties/problems/scheduling delays but we worked with them as best as we could. Along 1 side we had planted podocarpus trees, a common screening tree, to provide a privacy screen especially between out hot tub next to the fence and the neighbor's overlooking balcony & windows. Finyl Vinyl's workmen cut the podocarpus tree limbs above the fence line, obliterating the screen, when installing the fence. They denied doing this, although I supplied photos showing this. They then threatened that such a claim would "void the warranty" on the fence, which was an important factor in our contract/agreement and our neighbor's as well. Finyl Vinyl's Don Barlow was obstructionist and continued to deny responsibility and threatened the warranty. He continued to refuse to cooperate. FV came out several times to make finishing touches, repairs, etc. The Trex representative agreed to install a relatively cheap privacy screen attached to the trees over the hot tub and signed an affirmation that as an official Trex representative the warranty was in full force and effect. Therefore I paid the bill in full, despite FV's obstructions and failure to respond.
I want to make a complaint against FV so that other customers will not find themselves in the same position we did where damage is caused by FV, it denies responsibility and further calls warranty or other issues into question. I am very upset by my dealing with FV and will NEVER use them again. FV is unable to responsibly, honestly handle customer interactions at all. Their actions were hostile, nonresponsive and unethical. We do NOT recommend them at all.

I tried to attach 3 photos below, but unsure if they were attached successfully

Barbara Milliken

Finyl Vinyl
Finyl Vinyl
Finyl Vinyl

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    First 2 photos are sideways; 3rd photo is upside down.

  • Updated by Barbara Milliken, Jun 07, 2018

    Finyl Vinyl is located in Orange County, CA. See website for more location/telephone information. We dealt with Don Barlow, owner.

Jun 07, 2018

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