Finish Lineservice - amanda benavidez

My family for thanksgiving drove from san angelo to san antonio, a 3 hour drive to do shopping for Christmas. We went to finishline to do shoe shopping. I approached ms. Amanda benavidez to ask for help on shoes, i hadnt approached her in my life before and when i went to ask her for help, her response was..."Do i look retarded?" All i asked her for was for help on shoes. I was stoked, i was with my family and this was very embarrasing! She was rude and paid no real attention to customers need. She needs to leave her personal problems at home, this was a disgusting experience when finishline's policy is said to have the best customer experience. I spoke with the manager of the store i believe his name was abraham. I cant recall his name, this all happened at the finishline in North Star Mall in San Antonio, Tx.

Nov 21, 2018

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