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This website offers Nike shoes at a discounted price. The website stresses 100% satisfaction. Ordering was easy and the shoes arrived in an appropriate amount of time. However, they were the wrong shoes. Not only were they the wrong shoes, these were personalized on the sides with "BMW William F1 Team". My son could not wear these shoes and like I said, they were personalized. Their website stresses "Easy return". I contacted the company. Their reply was, "These are also nice shoes, why don't you just keep them, We will give you out biggest discount on the next order." After I told them that this was THEIR mistake and that I did not want to order again, I received a letter that said I was responsible for shipping them back and that it would not be their responsibility. I would have to pay the cost and that it would not be their suggestion. I should just keep the shoes." My mistake was not noticing that the shoes were being ordered from China. I'm afraid to send them back because I'm afraid I will not get proper credit. They are VERY slow to respond to emails. This has been a nightmare.


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