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Find A Grave / online memorial

1 United Kingdom

I have found this site to be very very poor, I had created an account and memorials for loved ones I wished remembered. After a while, behaviour from members on the site concerned and worried me, as some members were at times rude or aggressive towards me and each other for no apparent reason. I decided to remove my memorials and account which I proceeded to do and be done with the site and leave the mad hatters to it as I have no time for these ego trips.

Only to discover to my horror having been told weeks later, Find a Grave had re-instated some of my memorials and given their ownership to complete strangers who had been rude / aggressive towards me but kept my bio's AND photographs. I have contacted the site multiple times and been ignored, I think its time Google stopped endorsing them on its search engine for genealogy as it falls far below the mark on that too. I have seen some people on there with good intensions who want to remember loved ones and record them but others who seem well almost power mad? which is odd to me personally.

I would finally add, that the government in the companies native US needs to take some action; against this madness. I am horrified and hurt my memorials were not able to be permanently deleted at my request but could be re-instated after being removed, at the request of online trolls, who did not even know them. Utterly appalling so do not let this happen to you or waste your time on this site! you won't be treated with respect. I sponsored many memorials of myself and other people and do not care about not getting the money back, it really does not matter. What does, is the double standard of listening to one person who has the admin ear's and ignoring the legitimate family member / creator / often sponsor of the memorial itself. I truly wish I had never ever seen this site. It is true what other people have said, the living have feelings and should be respected. I would also say to all those who so happily endorse the site and rebuff any criticism what so ever, if your loved ones memorials were taken, or created and things added/taken away or written that were not true or downright nasty I am sure 110% you would not be happy. Genealogy or not, were humans and we have emotion, to you it may just be a grave but to other people its the last expression of love to someone or do you just think there empty meaningless lumps of stone? honestly people enough is enough.

Oct 10, 2018

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