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Financial Crimes Investigation Department



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Financial Crimes Investigation Department
United States
I have been receiving calls from a daniel fox of the financial crimes investigation department... Phone number 760-514-0143... Stating there were charges against me for an unpaid internet payday loan. I could barely understand him, and he was very pushy and rude. He stated that if I paid this debt... First he stated it was $150, then said I could settle it for $260, then said that if I wanted to take care of it "outside of court" the fee would be $3500. Do not send any money to these people, or give them any financial information!! I called my bank just to do some checking and found out these people are scammers!! I have never had a payday loan over the internet. Do not let them intimidate you. I called the company back and asked to speak with a supervisor, and was hung up on. That should tell you something! Please, if anyone has any more information on these pieces of crap, let me know. I would like to get them stopped!!
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A  27th of Oct, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Hello, I wanted to piggy back on what the previous person had to say in regards to the complaint. I too have had several calls from 347-844-6656, a man with an middle eastern accent is leaving msgs. about taking legal action against me and that if I do not return the call he will be having me arrested in the next day... and that I have a legal case pending. well this has been going on for several months. today 10/27/2010 I called him back, he doesnt ansear with a business name or a business address... so that confirms it could be a scam, he then yells out my ssn like 5 times and tells me he will using it to give to others and get loans etc... wow!!! he however did say he was with the department of financial investigation, a part of the united states government... but wouldng give any information out to me.. but wanted me to tell who I was. I am seeking any assistance and any legal assistance to putting an end to this. signed pressure bust a pipe!!! if its not resolved real soon..
A  29th of Oct, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Oh wow!!! This is so true the number is 347 - 844 - 6656!!! They are scammers. They call me everyday and state my name and say that i am being investigated for fraud over the internet and for a bank loan. I can barely understand the person talking and when i request for an american speaking person, they hang up!!! I call them back and they answer "dep of financial services" than i ask for a manager and they hang up!!! I currently reside in chicago illinois and am reporting them to the local, and state police. I have already reported them to the fbi and social security office. Hopefully we can stop many americans from getting scammed!!! I never thought this can happen to me. I didnt get scammed because i watch tv and have seen many stories like ours!!!
A  29th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have received the same phone calls for 3 days in a row from an officer Shaun Phillips at numbers 716-951-7744 and 315-982-6578, telling me that I am going to be arrested if I do not call him back. I think I am going to have my husband answer it next time he calls me and the numbers that come up on my caller id are 6 digit numbers not 7. Too bad there wan't a way to sue his butt for like a billion dollars and we can all split the money. I filed a police report today.
A  3rd of Nov, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I have also had a yahoo calling me from 863.578.4580. very thick foriegn accent with an name that does not fit that country. he also called my mother in cali and threatened her! she's almost 80! the best thing to do is file a report. I have a cousin in law enforcement. he suggest filing the report and contacting fbi as these comapnaies are using dept. of fraud investigation as their business. oh and they also have no badge number... go figure...
A  9th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
Had this guy call me about a month ago named Nelson something telling me that i was going to be arrested in two days because i took out a payday loan and did not pay it back but he couldn't tell me with whom.. so i said ok i wanted to settle it he email me a memo with a case number on it to give permission to take money out of my account but luckly i'm not that stupid...i called him back and begin to ask major questions because there was too much missing info...he could not answer, i then said i was going to report him to the FBI and the calls stopped. but yesterday they started back and this time it was a woman with a thick indian accent the i can't under stand. so i blocked my number and called back asking questions but not giving them any information about me not even my name and the supervisor told me to go to hell...
N  26th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
I h ave received several calls from a john prince out of the miami-dade region. also they called my sisters and told them they have a warrnt for my arrest for an unpaid internet loan. also when I told him my attorney and I would call him on monday, november 29, 2010 then he transferred me to another middle eastern guy named roger spencer, (sounds phony, huh) then he said we could handle it outside of the couerthouse and I asked what courthouse, he mentioned the city I live in. so, I have decided to call my friend at the district attorneys office and they asked for the telephone number. I gave it to them. then I had the number looked at and found it is coming from the miami-dade region. the attoney general's office will be called on monday. these guys are a piece of work. by the way his number is (786) 539-4738. anyone heard of t his guy?
N  26th of Nov, 2010 by    +2 Votes
Yes!! I submitted the original post about these people. just when I thought they were going to leave me alone... they call me yesterday... thanksgiving... at 7:30 in the morning!! I cannot believe this!! I too contacted my attorney and the local police department... and the attorney general's office. they need to be stopped!! now all I do is tell them to get lost and that I am on to them... and to stop calling me!!! my attorney is actually going to try and find them and start a harassment suit. good luck to you... maybe if all of us start legal action on these crooks, we can get them stopped!!!
N  27th of Nov, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Thank you for the comment. I say lets get them!!! I am scheduled for a telephone call with the fbi on monday and apparently they are on to them in the miami-dade area. I also notified the department of immigration because if they are here on a green card, we got them. they will be arrested, prosecuted and deported. the country of of their origin has no choice but to arrest them if they want to maintain trade relations and remain on good terms with the u. s. also I have trcaked down how they are getting the information. they are using teletrak. a smaller verion of a credit bureau that reports when you cash a check. then they buy the information from the three major credit bureaus. any business, fake ot not, can gain access to your credit file unless it it flagged by a federal agency like the ftc (federal trade commission). thenext tiem they call, I am working with the dallas-ft. worth fbi andthe local authorities and the sheriffs' department in my county to trap these guys. I have placed a tracer on my phone by order of the court (we got the order through m y attoney) and have contacted the miami-dade police as well. all agencies are aware and on the trail of these guys. the trace will lead to the address and when they call again the authorities will be waiting. (leslie, give me a call on my cell (469) 888-1854) lets talk.
N  27th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
To everyone who is being contacted by these people. Please list the telephone numbers and their names they ar using. We need to get this posted as soon as possible, paper trails are essential in a sucessful prosecuton case. I have checkd with my law professors and we are on the right track and we will get them. This has to be a collaborative effort for justice.
N  3rd of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
I too am receiving the same calls they started today from a Kevin Martin they are calling nfrom 928/268-0375
A  3rd of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
PLEASE don't give them any information, such as phone numbers you can be reached at...or DO NOT verify any of the information they give to you. They knew my SSN, address, phone number...someone is selling them our information!!! We are in the process of stopping these criminals...let them know that you are in a collaborative effort to get them stopped...and that they are in violation of the law if they continue to harass you. Good luck and don't hesitate to get downright mean and nasty to these people. Seems to be the only thing that worked for me.
N  3rd of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
Hello I was contacted by these cons today 347 625 7992 was the number they left for me to call back. His names Brandon Marking... Horrid Indian accent.
They have my social secruity # my address and my place of work info. I was worried and tried to call back but the number doesnt work.
I am so glad i tried looking them up online. Something needs to be done about this. Im am a hard working pregnant mother of 2 and cant even afford a crib. Let alone get ripped off.
A  6th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
MY husband and I both got calls from a 052594517 but they wanted us to call them back at 347-625-7992. They didn't have any dates to when they "gave us a loan" and refused to tell me anything other than personal information that no one should have. The most common names they use are: Marcus Watson, Neal Smith, Paul Robinson, Richard White, Mark Swarson, and Daniel Fox. Don't bother calling them back. If anyone files a suit against you they have to mail you a copy or you will be served a copy. The best thing my husband and I could do was make a report with the police, had our bank accounts changed, and talked with Social Security and had them put flags on our files so they can catch whom ever is selling our information. And if you get calls like that in the future, always look them up. I use google every time I get a call like this. It doesn't cost anything for the SS people to look up your info and see you has been tampering with stuff.
A  7th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have been getting calls from this same place for quite awhile! the number that pops up on my cell phone is 0000123456! some idiot that can hardly even speak the english language, yet saying is name is officer john black, fbi with the department of financial investigations! really?? whatever dude! he leaves me a threatening voice mail that that are charges filed against me... yatta... yatta... yatta and leaves a call back number of 347-427-8321. I actually just received one this morning and decided to call the number back that he left on my voice mail and he answers the phone as this is william! so apparently he went from being officer john b lack with the fbi to just william in only 5 minutes! who the hell are these people and why hasn't anyone done anything to stop them?!
A  7th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
I recieved a call this morning from Officer Kevin Williams, telling me to avoid investigators showing up at my home to call him back at 347-625-7992, he also stated that there was legal action taken against me. When I contacted him, I was rattled, he had my ssn, my address, my phone, date of birth, and a reference I had used when I applied for a cash advance. When I explained to him that I had not recieved the proceeds from Fast Cash, and asked to get a copy of the signed contract, and any other documentation he has and was promptly told that "at this point that would be defimation of Character and it is against company policy." I explained to him that since he was unwilling to provide me with the information I needed to see if the debt was mine, he could do what he has to do. He stated that he would personally investigate the matter since he has never come accrossed someone disputing the debt and to answer or return his calls. I am going to change my bank acct since he has that information, and if it continues, I will change my phone number. If any of you would like to contact me my email address is utahandmaryland@yahoo.com. I would be more than happy to assist in anyway.
N  7th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
I to recieved a call this morning 12-7-2010, the mans nam was alex stewart. said i owed money from cash advance payday loans. he said he was with, united states fianancial crimes investigation dept. i never took out a loan. he said i would be arrested and thrown in jail if i didn't pay $475, he had all my info. bank name ssn, account number. the call came from (609)318-3095 in N.J. asked him if he was a att. he said no, he was getting very upset with the questions i was asking. he finally asked if i was going to pay or not, i said no it's a scam. he said see u in court.
N  8th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
same as above - had my bank acct # scary. alex stuart and eric foster (senior manager)- had heavy accents - wanted my visa card info and for me to fax it. very intimidating and scary fellows. Glad i checked they said financial crimes investigation dept.
they have alot of my information!!! i'm very concerned..
N  8th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
We all should be concerned that these people have all of our information. I changed my bank accounts and my mailing address to a PO Box. I am not taking any chances. I suggest, if you have not already, that you do the same. AND contact local and state authorities. If we work together, we can get these crooks caught!!! They seem to be ramping up over the holidays...CREEPS!!! Just be smart and tell them you know it's a scam and don't waste your time or energy on them. They want to intimidate and scare people. Good luck!
A  9th of Dec, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I got a call from 347-826-4106 from Andy Flectcher with a VERY thick Indian accent. He threatened to come to my house and have me arrested if I don't resolve this pending lawsuit. I don't call back. He calls 5 times a day and the calls get more threatening. Like he'll show up at my door and I'll be in big trouble. I think it all stems from payday loans I applied for but didn't take. Who do I report them to?
N  9th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
report them to your local and state authorities...Also the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General. I actually contacted an attorney, as well. Good luck.

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