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Financial Asset Management Systems, Inc / unidentified recipient

1 Hialeah, FL, United States Review updated:

We keep receiving a recorded call that says: If you are ___________ (blank, no name stated), you aknowledge your debt with FINANCIAL ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS, INC.

Who are they trying to talk to?
They need to stop harrasing.

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  • Lo
      5th of Nov, 2008
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    I think these guys must be running a scam. They called my house as well except the name part was not blank... But there has not been an unpaid bill in this home for as long as I have been living.

  • Re
      22nd of Nov, 2008
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    No, no scam. They are a debt collector but they don't seem to try very hard to get their information correct. I am now in the process of filing state and federal complaints against FMS, Inc. and the individual that keeps harassing my family, supposedly his name is Mr. Marshall, but I doubt if this is really the case. They keep calling for an individual that, of course, does not live here. They are abusive and threatening and have been told on several occasions to stop calling however, they continue to do so. I told Mr. Marshall that I would be taking legal actions against his company and he told me, "...I'd like to see you try it." Anybody being harassed by this company should file a complaint with your state attorney generals office and the FTC. What they are doing, does in fact, violate state and federal laws.

  • Da
      12th of Mar, 2009
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    I have had a very similar experience. Repeated pre-recorded phone calls for someone with the same last name as my wife and me. Only in my case the calls do not have the name of the company or the reason for the call. Also, I have never managed to speak with anyone. I searched their phone number on the web to discover the name of the company and fax number (770-438-5592). I have made 3 complaints to the FTC and I have (as of today) faxed FAMS a cease and desist letter.

    Dale Harmon

  • Vr
      5th of Jan, 2010
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    They call me on my current number, but with an address that is 8 years ago. I was nice to these people and said that there might be a debt with my name on it, in this day and age, where isn't there? When I let them know that I was unemployed and had been for 6 years due to medical problems (put off work because of the medical) the young lady's supervisor got on the phone and told me that I was unwilling to pay my bills and obviously not seriously looking for work. I hung up on the man, he had no right to say something like that, I do not care wh0 he works for. I have looked for work since I was put off work and the doctor's cannot find what is wrong with me, and SSI denies me for something other than what I applied for. I have bills, who doesn't? But, my husband works to support us, we get food boxes from the church and county assistance to make ends meet. Our lives are lived with no frills, and this "man" has the nerve to tell me that I don't want to find work? I hope that something comes of this, no one should have to suffer at these people's hands and offending comments. It is despicable.

  • Ib
      4th of Mar, 2010
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    I received a letter from Financial asset management systems, inc that said I owed the State of Maryland form back taxes. I called the state and they said I was totally up to date. This is a total scam that they try and get you to pay them money that you think is a collection agency but they have no affiliation with the State of Maryland.

  • Ib
      4th of Mar, 2010
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    I received a letter form Financial Asset Management Systems, inc. It claimed that I owed money to the state of Maryland for taxes. I had owed but paid them up this last year in full so I called the state and they said I am still paid up in full. The State of Maryland Comptrollers office said they "Do NOT hire out" for collections but it is all done by the state in house at the comptrollers office itself. So if you recieved a letter from Financial Asset Management Systems, inc you can relax and throw the paper away.

  • Ju
      8th of Apr, 2010
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    I do have a debt I am trying to pay off. They received my info, so I had no problem talking with them. However, they made a "clerical error" on my name (it was missing one letter). I would have to sign my name in the documents they sent "as written" (spelled incorrectly) or I would have to provide proof that I was the person attached to the account. To prove this, I would have to fax them a copy of my social security card, birth certificate, and driver's license! This set off all sorts of bells and whistles. They have no need for any of this information with a "clerical error". BE CAREFUL WITH THESE PEOPLE!

  • Wa
      16th of Jun, 2010
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    I received a letter from them to saying that I owed the State of Maryland for back taxes. I never worked in MD so I thought something was fishy. There was no personal information on the debt request bill which was very suspicious especially in regards to taxes due to State Government. I contacted the Comptroller of MD and they had no information on due taxes. As stated by ibebozen, the State of MD does not hire out for collections. I received a second letter from them for collection after I requested a certified validation of debt, which they failed to fullfil and that put them in violation of the FDCPA. I sent them a response mentioning the violation, that I contacted the comptroller or MD, that I reported their violation to the FTC, BBB, and attorney generals and ACA international, and made sure to mention that if this was an attempt to a fraud, all documentation will be forwarded from the Attorney General's office to the FBI. Strangly, I have never heard back from them. By all means, they are a legitimately registered collection agency, but if they are fraudulent or breaking the law, please people report them to the proper agencies!

  • Gr
      1st of Jul, 2010
    -1 Votes

    We are required by the clients, and by federal law, to leave a scripted message with very little detail. We are required not to discuss the debt or give out any information prior to identifying who we are speaking to. To violate either of these rules would put the personal information of hundreds of thousands of people at risk. I know it'd be simpler to tell you why we're calling and who we're looking for right off the bat. Would make my job so much easier if I could just cut to the chase and get right into it. I'm sorry, I can't do that. I'd lose my job and face several thousand dollars in fines for disclosing information.
    If they are calling you, then you (or possibly a relative) have a valid debt that they have been authorized to collect. It is also possible that we're calling for someone who used to have the same phone # as you have now, or used to live at the same address. If you believe they are calling you by mistake, answer the phone and calmly explain this. Answering with an attitude isn't going to make you stand out from the thousand calls a day each collector makes to people who scream at him or her. Trust me, if you're calm and polite we will be too. It's a welcome break from the rest of our day to deal with rational and friendly people.
    We understand times are tough right now. Each and every one of us working there has debts of our own, just like all of you. We don't enjoy having to do what we do, but it pays the bills...barely. Remember that we're just people trying to do a job to get paid. It's nothing personal. We do what our managers tell us to do so we don't get fired.
    I'm sorry the job I do so I can eat is one that causes you grief.

  • Wt
      20th of Feb, 2013
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    my wife and I have been on a payment plan with FAM and we had, notice the word HAD, paid Student loans down to $28, 000 from $36, 000. We rec'd a letter from them yesterday showing the payment agreement and it had a $7, 000 in fees added to it so we are right back to were we started and this is the 2nd time we have been hit with this charge! at this rate with paying it we will be at $100k in
    10 yrs!!! I am gonna contact my Attorney General, Lawyer and Dept of Education on this. This is not right and keeps people in debt even when they are struggling to pay student loans back and live a normal life and raise kids! HELP!!! Some one please help!!!

  • Je
      12th of Sep, 2014
    -1 Votes

    As Grifter stated there are state and Federal laws these collectors must adhere to. They cannot disclose any information regarding the case unless they confirm they are speaking to the correct person and they cannot leave a voicemail with information regarding the alleged debt. What Grifter left out is the debt collector is required by the same state and Federal laws to leave their name, company name and number on these voicemails. I just received a call from someone at this company and they failed to identify who they are with. I only figured it out by doing an internet search of the phone number. I don't return calls to people or companies unless they identify themselves properly and have a legitimate reason to contact me. In this case they do not. I don't have past due debt.

  • Ja
      9th of Feb, 2016
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    I'm currently having an unfortunate situation with financial asset management systems myself. I did have debt from past college tuition fees but the last time I checked the amount was only $7503 will for the last two years they've been garnishing my tax refund one of them was $6980 and another was $2000 I don't understand how I still have a $9176.54 balance. I keep getting harassed by forceful rude collection agencies that are threatening to garnish wages naturally I got frightened because I'm a single mother and I stretch my paycheck enough a sit is and it would put me into financial hardship for anybody to take a dollar out of my earnings as it is and these guys want to take 20% out of my paycheck every couple of weeks or more. about six months ago I spoke with someone regarding my issue and we worked out a forgiveness program that I am now on. I paid $399.00 in three payments of $133.00 so the debt would come out of default and I would stop getting harassed on a day-to-day basis. The harassment did not stop. financial asset management system has sent me a letter after letter regarding this debt months after I voluntarily put myself on said repayment plan with the forgiveness program. FAMS Threatens me continuously by saying that they were going to garnish my wages. I keep trying to get a hold of this company and I can't get anywhere. somehow I need to let them know that I have documents and proof of payment. I have my bank statements all saying that I used docu sign for all the contract signatures and this money was taken out of my account so these people can back off. Never happened I don't know what to do. if anyone knows of any way I can contact them and actually get through to someone or what I have to do any kind of information would be appreciated

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