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Financial Assests Management Systems / No Answer

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Hello All,

I admit I defaulted on my student loans... not b/c because I was careless but be cause there was some confusion in my paperwork. I finished school and have yet to get a job right out of college. So there was a period that I no longer took classes but had to work a reg low paying hourly job that didn't even cover my credit debt from buying books. Well, I called my federal student loan ppl and asked if i could get a deferment until I could get a full time salaried job in my field and everything was okay. They told me all that I had to do and I did so. Which paperwork to fill out, where to send it and I'll be on my way. However, they did tell me I will continue to get reg. statement billing for my loans but that I could ignore it b/c I would not be making payment but if I could make a payment that would be fine too. So, a year later I get a statement that had an extra $10, 000 in late fees... and currently in default and multiple calls! The there was messages that said my wages would be garnished and that set me off! So, I called the ppl back and ask what was going on and how to rectify the situation b/c they were my loans and I did expect to pay it back. I mean it was money I borrowed for school, so that I was fine with. Well, they set me up on a payback plan I said that if I keep up this plan and make every payment on time that the extra tacked on fee would drop off and that all red educational loans benefit will become reinstated. So I sign up for it. That's the back story.

I have one more payment before the reinstatement of the reg loan payment and I get a notice that I am one payment away and that I should contact them in order to make arrangement for future payments. So, I called them multiple times this week to make sure that the last payment will be automatically taken out like the others... but I keep getting an automated wait response or to leave a message and they will call me back. I have yet to get anyone on the line. I just want to make sure they get the last payment so they cannot come back and say I did not complete the rehabilitation program and so I have to pay all the extra fees that they initially tacked on. So, this complaint is also my way to cover myself as a record that I have tried to contact them multiple times and that they have yet to answer me... as well as frustrated me in the process. I have read a lot of other BAD and shady dealing with this company and the fact that I have been paying toward them and have yet to talk to anyone to get an update to the status of my account has gotten my worried as to where my account stands. So, I will continue to check and call them and give everyone an updates as to how they are operating and they treat me.

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