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I purchased a financial pro software to try for my personal finances. The Press release on the website states a 30-Day money back guarantee as well as another page that can no longer be found. I paid 35.00 tried the software and did not like it.

I contacted Alexandr Shirokov three times, twice before the 30 days expired requesting a refund after threaten to go to my visa company to file a dispute Alexandr replied back with this comment...

Alexandr "We provide the fully functional trial you can use for free for 30 days before purchase. There is no refund or money-back promised on site or EULA. All sales are final."

This statement is not true. The website listed the limitations of the trial software, it is not fully functional.

His comments are not stated anywhere on the website before you download a trial or purchase the software.

I have read every page of the website including press releases. The downloadable trial software gives minimal information so you have to purchase it to even see if it is worth while. The website did state that a refund was available if you contact them within 30 days...but this information is longer on the website. There is a press release:

Press Release on contact page of website:

Pricing and availability

The software is compatible with Windows 98/ME/2K/XP/Vista and available at 29.95 USD for Individual user license (This license entitles to use the program on one computer/USB drive only) and at 39.95 USD for Family license (This license entitles to use the program up to 3 PCs per household). By purchasing the product the user gets the following benefits: free update for 12 month period; priority technical support; 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee; Instant key delivery.

Product’s web page:

Download page:

When I brought the press release to Alexandr Shirokov's attention, he refused to reply or refund my money.


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