Final Cases Division / Scam!!!! Don't trust!

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Final Cases Division contacted me by phone and said that I owe the company mypaydayloan 1600.00.I asked final cases division for a letter of debt validation, they told me they wouldn’t even talk to me unless I gave them personal information about myself. I then emailed and told them about the collection action. They knew nothing about that.

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      Nov 30, 2012

    "Final Cases Division"
    HA HA HA These Indian scammers are too funny. They call from India, they are phishing for ez marks. If you have ever applied for a payday loan they have called or will call you, with all manner of threats. They call from India with spoofed numbers. Don't fall for it. Have fun with them like your address is 1600 Pennsylvania Ave (once they know you are on to them they move on to the next mark). Or if you don't care to just blast the phone with a loud sports air horn. Either way they go away.

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  • Bl
      Feb 13, 2013

    I was contacted by "Denise" at my employment. The first thing she asked for was the last 4 of my social. I asked who she was. She said it was about a complaint against me and needed to verify it was me. She wanted my first name with the last name of Thomas. (I work at a place with the name Thomas in it). I figure she put the 2 together. I told her no. Then she asked if this was someone else. Which it was my name on facebook (first name, maiden name, married name). I told her, yes that was my name. She asked if my email address was blah blah blah and I told her no. She said they traced me to my facebook account with that email address. I told her that was not my email. She said she could verify the first 5 numbers of my social. It was not correct. She also asked if so and so was my mother, which she is not, but it is a friend of mine of facebook. I told here I have never had the last name Thomas. Finally she said she must have the wrong person.

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