Filelate.comAwful Services

These people are awful, do NOT fall for it. First, they make it sound like you CAN file your taxes online for past years, do not find out that you cannot until after you pay. That's when you find out that you actually have to print out and mail it. Second, they will tell you that your forms will be available within 24-48 business hours, good luck with that one. At the three day mark, still did not have my forms and if you try to contact any form of "customer service", e.g. using the online support tool at the their site or submitting a help might as well wait for the grass grow. All you will get is either put an online que waiting for some "agent" who will not chat with you, or if you do get someone, you'll be told to call a number for more help. Same thing with online emailing or help ticket. Awful, unfriendly, totally off the scale company...they will charge you and you will be stuck waiting, waiting...they WILL send you an email letting you know that if you spend "X" $$$ more they will RUSH process you to the head of their limbo line.. In case you didn't know, you can file late returns with Turbo Tax and other services and not have to pay a dime to do it. RUN FROM THIS SCAM of a company.

Feb 06, 2015

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