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I wanted to get access to this website for the $5 dollars they said it would be for a lifetime. I read the term and conditions on the website and proceeded to secure checkout. I gave them my bank info, then i recieved 2 charges for $39.73 each. I went back to to investigate. I wanted to show my bank that I didn't click anything saying "I agree to these terms and conditions", so I highlighted everything on the secure billing page and pasted it in word, and when i pasted it, 2 things that you couldnt see on the actuall website showed up on word, 2 other optional options with checked check boxes saying that i want to pay for 2 other websites for $39.73. Unless you physically expand the box, you cannot see these options. There is no scroll bar, so I assumed there was no extra information on that page. I was wrong, and now im dealing with this scam with my bank.

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  • Je
      2nd of Mar, 2009

    Note to NoTimeForIdiots. You are a smug egotist and I suppose you trawl these sites just to make yourself feel better. How sad. You probably never take any risks in your safe little life, and offer no help to no-one. You don't help yourself. You are so clearly very smart, thats why you're on here offering abuse. So what were you complaining about?
    These scammers are pretty sophisticated once they have your details, and people are usually looking for genuine drivers etc. They can't be abused by cynics. I have made many scam free transactions on the internet, and have been caught by something related to this operation, not this one in particular.
    Anyway - File Fortune isn't about making money on their site, it would more imply they have a lot of files available for download.

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  • Je
      2nd of Mar, 2009

    Clearly I mean they don't imply it would cost you a fortune, obviously they are actually in the business of making a lot of money. LOL
    Anyway, let's try and help each other. And I should ignore Mr Look at me I'm not an idiot...

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  • Su
      16th of May, 2009

    I've just been caught in exactly the same way. Unfortunately I'm in the UK so I stand little chance of winning against greedy scammers such as FileFortune. To top it all since giving them my e-mail address I am being plagued with porn as well. I just wish I'd seen this site before I did anything with FileFortune.

    As for NoTimeForIdiots - you're and absolute ### which is several step lower than being an idiot.

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  • Al
      19th of Jun, 2009

    Thank you all! I was just about to give FileFortune my $5!

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  • Bo
      24th of Jul, 2009

    So you're complaining that the site that has illegal content on it - that you were going to pay to get access to - scammed you? Kinda funny.

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  • Jb
      8th of Aug, 2009

    Sadly, there are many of these sites like "" which are only there to RIP YOU OFF.

    I have found many of these sites which advertise that they have the file you want. I found a simple way to determine if many of them some are real or ripoffs.

    Just type in some dumb name such as "dumdum01" or any set of letters and numbers which do not have any real meaning. The ripoff sites will usually return a positive answer that they have a number of these files.

    I found that had "dumdum01 2009", "dumdum01 Cracked", "dumdum01 Rip" and a few other versions of dumdum01. None of these actually exist.

    If you type in anything into their search box, it will return positive results and a FAKE list of the ones they have. I usually use several fake names to be sure.

    Before you give any of these sites any information about your name, address, and especially money information, check them out with a search on their name.

    Usually you will find a lot of reports that they are RIPOFFs. DON'T TRUST any site you don't know about.


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  • Sh
      27th of Oct, 2009

    I was also tricked by file fortune. They have started charging me every alternate month. I have now tried going to the biller website- In my vase and and canceled my membership by logging on with the userid of file fortune. Hope it works. Now after my bank to get my credit card blocked

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  • Ne
      2nd of Nov, 2009 Scam web site unauthorised charges.

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  • Ch
      28th of Dec, 2009

    Flifortune = criminals ! I checked too late your site. But before they charged my card I send a warning to my bank to block filefortune, hope it works.
    Is there no possibilty to stop those guys?

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  • Fr
      5th of Jan, 2010

    signed up for and was switched to some other site called

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  • Sa
      14th of Jan, 2010

    Well its normal their site looks suspicious... even the check the VISA, MASTERCARD and those links are just images... :-) which made me suspicious.. thank god i saved my 4.87$ hehehe

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  • No
      29th of Jan, 2010

    I paid about $ australian dollars for life membership but I keep getting around $100 per month changes. Thankfully, my bank reverses these transactions, but I have to let them go through before I can dispute the charge. Anyway, I got my money back via the bank and cancelled my credit card and got a new one. Also, please note that you have to download a lot of data (days on my download manager) before getting anything that works.

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  • Bl
      2nd of Feb, 2010

    check your CC, because same happend to me and if you try to call of course there is no answer. Called my Bank right away and told them it's seems to be a scam.
    If you try to go to customer support there is a tab where you can cancel, but it does not cancel your membership, it just says your membership got cancelled. You will not get a confirmation email about the cancellation. The 4th day your CC will get charged with $99.96. I wrote customer support on day 4th again and tried to cancel. Look at here... now after CC got charged I was able to cancel.
    Now I'm going through investigation with my Credit Card Company, because I cancelled right away. Hopefully they will be able to stop this Company.

    So don't do it, but you will probably do and after you signed up for the scam you will start googlen and read my message, but it's already to late, but hopefully the CC will stop it.

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  • He
      3rd of Feb, 2010 - fraud
    United States

    Recently an unauthorized selection was made from my debit card for a filefortune product. This was an error, and when I attempted to rectify it I was unable to access file fortune 's site to inform them of the error. They debited my card.

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  • No
      19th of Nov, 2010 - You will get charged for nothing and possibly recurring charges 20 times what you originally agreed to
    United States

    This site is a scam. Stay away!!! You will get charged for nothing and possibly recurring charges 20 times what you originally agreed to.

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  •   8th of Oct, 2012

    mfortune are nothing but thiefs! the WORST company for gambling iv ever known there staff and sevice is outragous and disgusting they take money but then have every excusein the book to not pay you your winni gs and hen comes out with (a week later might i add) AFTER THEY LET ME DEPOSIT. and tell me that they want to see MY private and confidentil bills amd will not pay my winnings unless they have seen proof that i have paid my bill. im sorry but 1 its nothing to do with them if i paid my bill or not hat is my private buisness and 2 they was quick to take my money but not to pay me out amd expect me to pay twice for what i have already deposited ... this site is shambles and does nothing but daylight robbery they have taken my money aswell [censored]ding my winnings and then expect me t pay more out to get the monwy thats mine in the 1st place... sprey but to me that is daylight robbery.

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  • Jo
      28th of Dec, 2012

    They go on & on about Pirating software music this & that, Then you see white collar people doing it to us. I bought a Microsoft Zune, I-Zune Access if the Flagship Site for the Zune. Advertises it as a great way to download things for Zune this n that. I paid $50 for lifetime Membership thinking its Microsoft Backed so its gotta be OK. In return for my $50 they sent me instructions on how to download & use Limewire. I already know how to use Limewire. I don't like it so I have a similar program I use. So Microsoft stole my money & told me to steal from other people using "Limewire". So now I tell everyone how to download illegally. I don't know anyone who has bought a DVD in years. or paid for a program. I have all cracked software on my computer including my OS. Its the way to go. Noone prosecutes them. They threaten to throw us in jail, but when they do it its just business as usual. There is no program game movie anything that is safe. I fully intend to keep doing what I'm doing. Besides no one deserves to get paid for years & years over work they did years ago. I don't get to. I'm hourly. I don't get royalties when a company buys an old building that has a pump in it that I made the parts for. Whats the difference. Some make the argument that companies may work for years to release something they have worked on hoping for a big pay day. I really dont care about that. The internet & everything associated with computers was never meant to be exploited by commerce. Free for all is the way to go. Microsoft, Big Government, & everyone like them can suck my BALLS !!!

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