F.I.D. InternationalScammers

If you've decided you just don't have quite enough hell in your life, then by all means use FID for your overseas move. I chose them for their low rates and BBB A+ rating. You will now note they have a B+ rating and I intend to see what I can do about that as I feel it is still too generous. I have so many complaints about them, that I'll just stick to the high points.

They originally quoted me about $2100 to ship from Tennessee to Australia. That has now more than doubled. Some of the charges are of my choosing, but the majority are not. All the document fees, preparation and bracing of furniture, et al they claim to include in the quote are then charged to you after pick up. They also claim my items required more space than originally quoted and tacked on another $300 or so, which is false.

They failed to send a mover on the appointed date causing a tremendous hardship as my sister had flown there from DC to oversee the move for me and was stuck in a nearly deserted rural area, in my dead mother's house, with minimum furniture and no refrigerator or TV, and dodgy cell phone service. When they finally did show up about 5 days later, they sent one (1) person who enlisted the help of my 45 year old sister for the heavy lifting. When I lodged a complaint with the BBB, they responded that the missed date was MY fault, which everyone (even FID) knows is a lie.

After pickup, I heard nothing from them until I got a threatening email saying I was in default and subject to an additional $500 hold fee. Never got a final invoice or any correspondence whatsoever, tho they claim in the BBB response they tried me several times. They will just out and out lie. I kept emailing asking for a final balance and the mindless drone just kept sending me emails telling me I'd better pay up.

Pick up was 3rd week of August and I have heard nothing from them about when my shipment will arrive. They just ignore you. It is now 25th of November.

Lisa Hunt did call me (sounding drunk) 14th of September slurring and profusely apologizing about my problems and promised she would give my case VIP treatment and that I didn't have to pay anything I didn't think I owed, "even if it's just a dollar." When she subsequently contacted me by email, she offered me a paltry $200 discount on the more than $1, 000 I feel overcharged. If you check other scam websites, they are notorious for driving you to the point of homicide and then contacting you full of apologies and sweetness and light. Then the process starts all over again.

This isn't just some crazy mix-up or misunderstanding. This is a deliberate act of fraud and, unfortunately, I'm not alone. Just Google them and see for yourself.

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