FIA credit cardpaying too early

Each month I add an extra $50 to my total balance before mailing in my payment. Since the late fee is an outrageous $39, I figure that FIA Card Services will always have my next months minimum balance 30 days early and shouldn't ever charge me a late fee.
This past month the payment was 2 days late and the $39 appeared on my charges for this month. When I called the rep suggests that I read the fine print on the back of my card. There it states that I must make the a payment "every billing cycle". In other words, I made the minimum balance payment too early.
I asked if they could waive the charge this month due to my ignorance of the "fine print", she only agreed to half. I wanted to speak to her supervisor just to try and tell someone within their organization that I probably wasn't the only customer with this problem. She said her supervisor was out until the end of the following week. I explained that was ok and that I'd wait. THEN, someone else called me. I'm not sure if it was her supervisor or not, but I've not received a call since then.
I'm thinking they returned my call too soon based on what the rep told me and I should bill them $39 for not calling in the timeframe they quoted. Thoughts?


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