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I do not even know who these folks are or a phone number to contact them. They are saying they are Cancellation of Debt of $5, 454.00 . They turn into the IRS as a debit owed . If I don't know who these people are or what they are talking about. Nor do I know of this debit. How can they turn a false statement into a debit and the IRS believes them? Taking off from work, missing hard earned money I need for my family . Just to go talk with someone at the IRS building. Can anyone help me find more about this issue about this company?

Mar 27, 2013
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      Mar 27, 2013

    First of all calm down. This is a bill collection agency. They will lie cheat and steal to get money out of people. If the debt is not yours just ignore them. This has nothing to do with the IRS. They just want to scare you into giving them money. Stop talking to them.

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  •   Mar 28, 2013

    Collection agencies do this garbage all the time. Try to scare someone into paying a debt that they don't even owe. I wouldn't ignore them. I would send them a certified letter (with return receipt requested) asking them to prove what they claim you owe. That is your legal right to do. I would ask for two things. 1. Proof that the debt is valid, and 2. Proof that FIA CARD SERVICES N.A. has legal standing to demand a penny from you. Most collection agencies can't prove either. Asking for these tow things are usually enough to scare the collector away, because, by asking for these two things tells the collection agency that you will fight them. That means money out of their pocket to fight back. If they do not have the proof to back up their claims, it's money down the drain to try to fight you, so, they will either stop contacting you, or send you one last letter stating that they have stopped their efforts. Getting back to the letter you should write... Do not sign the letter, just type your name. If you send the letter within 30 days of receiving their initial letter, they must, by law, stop collection efforts until they validate the debt. If they try to sue you, do not ignore the summons. Show up for the court date. Most collection agencies file lawsuits against people without having the necessary proof to validate the lawsuit. They do this because they hope you don't show up for the court date. If you don't show up, the courts will assume the debt collectors lawsuit is genuine, and will award the debt collector what called a 'summary judgement'. This judgement makes you liable for the debt. If you DO show up for the court case and tell the judge that you don't owe the debt and make the collection agency prove that you owe the money. It's very common for collection agencies to ask the judge to dismiss the case when they see that you've shown up to defend yourself.

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  • Sc
      Oct 17, 2013

    FIA Card Service is A.K.A Bank of America they will not send a letter explaining to me that I am off the hook which tells me they created this mess and used my identity to hide over $5000. worth of money. 866 809-8554. Time to sue FIA Card Services and BoA or both.

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