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I keep receiving this card from these crazy people who wants money sent to them but they never deliver anything. This is Fraud and they should be put behind bars and I do mean under the dirt the prison was built on. I want them to stop sending me this crazy mess. One thing for sure they never got my money. People people don't believe everything that is sent to you in the mail, there are so many scams out here.Thank You

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  • Dm
      Oct 26, 2009

    Thank you very much for taking the time to post about the FFS being a scam bc I just received a postcard today and it says for 36.94 you can get two items and they only take cash and money order. I was thinking of doing it but when I typed the name into the internet the word scam came up and you saved me from losing money. Thanks again.

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  • Ru
      Nov 05, 2009

    dmpaul116 you did the smart thing like I did google it and YES it is true it is a scam.
    For the mere price of $36.94 to "release" 2 items worth at least 20 times that amount sounds tempting BUT it is TOO good to be TRUE. Greed in such weakness, so sad to hear many American have been suckered by this unscrupulous company, that is even if it exists. BUT the SCAMMERS ARE REAL. They will use attractive, irresistible, out of this world offers, just to get in your pocket at your free will. Remember " what happens in Vegas, stays in Veags" that includes your money as well...

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