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I call to schedule a delivery because my tank was extremely low( gage not showing any propane) I was out of town for an extended period of time. So I scheduled for delivery, was told there is no way to get next day delivery and soonest would be 2 days. However they have policy if your tank runs empty you must pay a 150 dollar fee to refill it plus the cost of your gas. Now for my issue, I come home from town around 1200 today to find a Ferrell gas truck delivering across the street, Try to flag him down and he ignores me. Then when I call in to the company again and explained he is right across the street they tell me he can deliver to me because I'm not on the schedule, even though the driver is right across the street literally 150 yards from my tank. I don't understand how a company can make you wait then when you run out due to their lack of concern for delivery, then have the right to charge an additional fee to fill when they are the reason it ran out. I understand me being out of town is not their fault. but you would think this company being as big as it is, would have an "emergency " delivery option. and not try to rob their customers. I have been with them for over 2 yrs, yet after today I will take my business else where, even if it cost me more money !

Jan 18, 2017

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