Ferrari Store At Singapore Flyer / Extremely Rude vendor and unwelcoming to customers

1 Singapore, Singapore

Today 28th July 2014, I has taken my daughter to visit the Singapore flyer along with other overseas guests. My 8 year old daughter who is a Ferrari fan wanted to sit on the simulator placed in the shop and wanted to buy some Ferrari merchandise. As we entered the showroom and my daughter held the one if the simulator among the 4-5 kept, so she could sit in it. The vendor very rudely told her not to sit in the simulator, when I enquired more he said he was still setting it up. Since he had been rude to my daughter I asked him why don’t you put in a notice asking customers no to sit rather than being rude, his reply was that you entered my shop, you should ask me permission first and it’s customers job to check. I have never seen such bad service and rude behavior ever in Singapore. I promised him that we will never enter his shop and will ensure that stb is informed of this merchant.

Jul 28, 2014

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