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Fernbrook Homes / acoustic fence still not in 2 years later , lot not graded properly

1 Caledon, Ontario, Canada

I've been in my newly built Fernbrook home 2 years now and I am still fighting to have my acoustic fence completed. I moved in 1st week of July 2013, at the end of the development so I would not have to tolerate waiting for infrastructure to be completed. Much to my surprise, the work is still not complete. I am on a corner lot and have so much traffic and noise of construction trucks passing by my home, especially now that the summer building is going on north of my at Strawberry Fields. The city also did a very stupid thing in their planning dept because there is only one way out of Strawberry fields to the south and that is Kennedy Road. So all the traffic has only one route to relay on (under my bedroom window). I didn't have a Fence the first summer, then they installed a 1.2 metre fence by the end of Aug 2014. The acoustic fence does nothing for the noise cause it's to small. It wasn't installed correctly and I still have no gate. So I am living without privacy, security, ability to increase the value of my home or even sit in my year (plant trees, do landscaping, stone work) as I await for the builders, developers and the city to make some clear decisions on what must be done.Kennedy road is now supposed to be widened to 32 metre more traffic. My home did not include an air conditioner unit (which is should have for the noise issues with this lot). Nor did it include proper windows to reflect the unacceptable noise levels here. I have trucks constantly using engine brakes under my window and I'm usually awoken in the morning by 5:30 am when the traffic starts barreling in. Well I am not going into my 3rd summer in a home I purchased with a yard that I cannot use. It's unbelievable that builders can get away with this!!! I cannot even sell my home because there is too many issues with regard to the fence and the grading here. I have a lot that is never dry so even if I had a fence I can barely go into to my yard because of how it pools the water here. I have moss growing around my foundation, I have snails, turtles, frogs living on my property, but NOBODY IS LISTENING - FERNBROOK HOMES SUCK !!! The developer for them is unresponsive, the City has dragged it's heels in forcing Fernbrook or the developers to do something. DON'T BUY FERNBROOK HOMES - THEY SUCK !!! I have family with small children that have not been able to visit because I have a none useable yard. But this isn't for a couple of months - THIS HAS BEEN 2 YEARS WORKING ON MY 3RD...JUST NOT FAIR. LAW SUIT COMING SOON.

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