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I am usually impressed with the service from the Marriott. However, my last stay was the worst. I stayed at Marriott in Charlotte, North Carolina and was very much dismayed at what I had to go through. This stay was horrendous and I can not get it out of my head. On my first night, I moved a chair to the table to eat and was shocked to see a dead waterbug on the floor. On top of that, the room was not clean properly before we entered because I found a dirty black sock in the room. When I went downstairs, the desk clerk (Orlando) stated that there was nothing he could do since there was no maintenance or extra room. I was being told that I must stay in a room that was not cleaned properly. Adding insult to injury, Orlando was on the phone speaking to someone he called "Aunt" and saying that "he is tired of customers complaining" and he went on bad-mouthing the company ad what he does not get paid to do. After approximately an hour, I requested from Orlando for someone to clean the room properly. With an attitude, he stated that it is not fair to have us in that room with a dead cockaroach and miraculously found another room. After this incident, my fiance and I felt very uncomfortable experiencing Orlando speak with his co-workers about us in an ill-fashion because I made a complaint concerning being dissatisfied with customer service. I have stayed at the Marriott in the past and was elated with the customer service and quality of appearance. However, this stay was diametrically against what I know the Marriott to be. On the last day of my stay I requested a rollaway bed which on the first day I was told was "no problem... just request when you need it." Needless to say when I requested the rollaway bed, no one knew what I was talking about and stated that the hotel has no rollaway bed. This hotel stay really disturbed me and lets me know that there are customer service agents who really do not value their job or take their core value seriously. For further explanations, I can be reached at [protected] and at [protected] -F. Mateen Flores.

Jun 23, 2017

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