Felicity Kircher / Puppy Fraud

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Breeders Beware of this person who claims to be wanting to buy a puppy from you and then wastes hours of your time entertaining her and her daughter. She then gives you a deposit and tells you about the other deposit she has placed with another breeder to gain your sympathy and asks for a discounted price for her daughter' puppy. Then hours later she calls and demands her deposit back which is what she did with the last 2 breeders she put deposits down with and threatens you with Fair Go if you don't agree. She posts slander about you on web sites and even calls you names all in the name of her puppy game she enjoys playing with her daughter. Watch out for her if you are a labrador breeder. She is one "looney tune" this one...

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  • Di
      May 08, 2012

    What a flake she is!! She put a deposit down on one of my pups also and actually waited for a week before demanding her money back saying my pup wasn't as good as the pup she had now put a deposit down on. I stated that I didn't give deposits back and she said oh well it is only a hundred dollars. She now wants the puppy or so she says but I have already taken another deposit on the puppy so I am forced to either risk the wrath she is claiming to put me through or give in to her and her demands. The trouble and grief she has caused me and my family already isn't worth the money so I hope breeders out there will be on the lookout for this preditor claiming to be a lab lover but really just a troublemaker.

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  • Xs
      May 31, 2012

    I am sorry but you deserved it. If you did any research about tea cup puppies you would realize that no reputable breeder breeds them, only backyard breeders and puppy millers do.

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