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If you contact this group for advice they give you wrong legal information. But to add insult to injury they will say they want to help your whole building and ask you to organize a meeting. At that meeting they will try to get you and your neigbours to go door to door to sign up everybody for "memberships" in their group at $10 a person.

Then you never see them again.

And to make it even worse, they go to the City of Toronto, taking the list of all your neighbors you helped sign up to say they organized your building, did all the work, that all those tenants and your new Toronto Tenants Association supports them getting even more money from the city so they can expand their service.

They get $1/2 million a year from the city and only lie to us and give us bad legal advice!

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  • Gl
      Feb 24, 2009
    Federation of Metro Tenants Associations - Bad service
    Federation of Metro Tenants Associations
    27 Carlton Street, Suite 500

    This group has a tenant hotline to provide us with legal advice.

    I called and before they would provide the help I had to promise and set up a date for a meeting with them and all my neighbors in my buildings.

    After the meeting they had me go door to door with them and collect $10 memberships with there group.

    They left with over $400.

    Their advice was wrong and almost got me evicted.

    When my neighbors wanted them to come out again they wouldnt.

    Now I find out they get huge government grants to provide this BAD service to tenants for free!

    I would avoid these people at all costs!

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  • Me
      Mar 29, 2009

    I agree completely.

    If your city councillor tells you to contact them - RUN THE OTHER WAY!

    You can get accurate information by calling the government's info line at [protected] or outside of the 416 calling area,
    toll free at [protected]

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  • T4
      Dec 09, 2009

    I suspect this "complaint" and the ditto above were posted by landlords who want to discourage their tenants from organizing. Unfortunately, this board has no way of verifying the authenticity of complaints.

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  • T4
      Dec 09, 2009

    I suspect the above "complaint" was posted by a landlord trying to discourage tenants from organizing.

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  • No
      Dec 24, 2009

    And I suspect the above complaint against this complaint by "T4T" was by an employee of the Federation of Metro Tenants Associations that wants to continue ensuring its government funding in return for supporting these politicians against what is best for the very tenants this group claims to represent.

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  • Sf
      Jan 22, 2010

    There are lots of information about tenant complaints about that politician funded group at

    It is clear that only the politicians and members of that group who get government funding are paid to post to support their incomes.

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  • Jh
      Apr 09, 2010

    And I suspect T4T is an employee of that group that seems to sell out tenants to any politician willing to provide the largesse.

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  • Ma
      May 21, 2010

    "I suspect the above "complaint" was posted by a landlord trying to discourage tenants from organizing."

    I agree with this statement above. I'm a tenant who has been getting much headaches to say the least with my corrupt Landlord who was negligent for many Maintenance repairs such as: leaky faucet, mice, etc...I took them to the LTB and was not completely satisfied with the result as my Landlord has used a letter provided by the mgmt office of the building to support "in writing" that they actually did something abt the serious rodent issues of many of my fellow tenants. Basically, I was desperate to get help and put in a work order and while at work, one of the illiterate Supers of the building just went inside my unit to place (4) sticky pads for mice. "THIS" was deemed as sufficient treatment based on my landlord's vague letter which simply stated "treatment was done"!

    My beef is I had to seal many holes within all of my apartment mainly holes found within the radiators of my unit as mice travels apartment to apartment within the pipes and radiators of the building.

    I did get awarded for my "out of pocket" expenses nor rebated for the 8 days I had to vacate the unit in order for the plaster and silicone filler to be dried.

    I spent for a lawyer which money (pretty much) went down the drain as I really couldn't afford to however as I made $2K more per yr. based on the guidelines for applying to get Legal Aid, did Not qualify.

    I then applied within the 30-day period for a REQUEST TO REVIEW, paid the $50 fee application charge as well as courier, pics. etc. and was not granted a review.

    I find based on my experience (the Member) at the LTB are paid extremely an excess amount of $140K/ year for not caring and not even bothering to read details of my case.

    I only got a mere 5% rebatement which was $400 which I am extremely discontent with, however, what can I do...

    IN addition, I signed a "Fixed 2-year lease w/ my landlord from hell and now, she has decided to break the lease and give me a rent increase which I am going to have to ignore.

    Its a continuous battle!

    Simply BS!


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  • Ja
      Aug 06, 2010

    This group is about nothing but getting you to solicit money from all your neighbors for them and to work for the politicians they tell you to volunteer for!

    If these creeps come knocking at your door, do NOT give them your credit card number as they are a total ripoff!

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  • Co
      Jun 27, 2011

    I recived wrong legal advice as well. They told me how I had to not pay rent while the Landlord and Tenant Board case was going on. Truly false information. They need to have "real" lawyers working on the hotline, not some kids that have no clue what is going on.

    Atop all of this, I could have just gotten free legal advice from Duty Council at the Landlord and Tenant Board. No need for these clowns at the FMTA. Waste of money.

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