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Federal & State Tax Negotiators, Inc. / Took my payment and did no negotition

1 1171 Kirkland Ave NERenton, WA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (425) 572-3150

I have filed a complaint with the BBB as well. This office promised they would negotiate my tax issues and said that at least 1/2 the amount owed would be reduced off tax bill as they are just fees and such that the IRS would be willing to drop. I believed her and took every last bit of my savings and paid them. I started working with Jerry Adams and then was passed on to danielle Fry. After 2 months I find out that they have done nothing! All they want for my grand was that I make payment arraignments for the full amount. When I called them on this they refused to return my phone calls. The refused to answer emails. They prey upon those of us who trusted them. They should be closed down. I have read many reviews about them since that indicate the same exact thing happen to them. I am sadden to have to find out about their awful business practices. They wont even talk to me? How can they lay their heads down at night? For Shame

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  • Le
      27th of Jul, 2009
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    Dear Taken-Advantage-Of,

    I am sorry to hear about your problem, I wish more people knew that this can happen more often than people suspect. When a person owes the IRS they are vulnerable and will generally pay anyone who promises to make it better. Those of us who work this industry know that. While most of us are good and fair there is a handful out there that are BIG advertisers who fall flat when it comes to helping their clients.

    I have been negotiating deals with the IRS for over 25 years and from now on I suggest to all that are reading this that you check out the Firms reputation with regard to this type pf happening. Here are some good tips when looking for help in this industry.

    NUMBER 1.

    The Better Business Bureau BELIEVE IT OR NOT-does do their job. I didn't think anyone went there anymore; but they do, you put in a complaint, and they investigate it immediately and if a resolution can't be found they make a judgment call based on fact and circumstance. I like them allot, I have had one complaint in my career and I felt they were very fair in their handling of it.

    You will get COO-COO Birds who will never be satisfied and people can see through them immediately but for the most part the bureau works. Then as far as getting your money back...have you got a detailed bill yet. If you send it to me I will look at it for you and tell you if the fees substantiate the work product. For example: To make a payment plan you have to prepare with information based on how much your client owes.

    If the client owes under 25K it is easier than over due to the paperwork needed. You said they made a payment plan for your 1, 000, so if you email me the plan the paperwork and the bill I can tell you if they earned their fees. is my email, I have worked in one of Sacramento's largest CPA firms and their billing as well as my 25 year IRS history, and I know a viable bill when I see one. As the Partner and the partner in charge of billings for them and now the Negotiation Center billings, I know my business.
    Number 2.

    For 1, 000 dollars you should have received at least 5 hours worth of service. Do you have an engagement letter from this firm? I don't know where they are located or who they are. Always get an engagement letter because it sets forth the expectation and what you both can expect from each other. For example: In ours we want honesty, a surprise can cost us the case. We have never lost one Offer in Compromise because we pre-qualify all people and know where we stand prior to our conversations with the IRS. A client who lies is a client we kick to the curb...that is just one small expectation. You the client has expectations and they should be spelled out in clear ENGLISH no legal-mumbo jumbo. Don't sign anything you don't understand or you can expect to get hosed. Like you were.

    Number 3.

    Go with your GUT feeling, are you talking to a salesman or the person representing you. Ask this question "Excuse me Sir, how many offers or deals have you made with the IRS this month? Not how many people have you talked many deals. When they stumble you have your answer. If they say, I am not the person portraying the work ask who is, is it your partner...if they say Yes that will be OK, then ask for their name. If you get, an "I don't know who will be assigned to your case"...RUN, with your money in han

    If you get satisfactory answers to here then it might be wise to hire them.

    Sorry for running on I get so mad because this bad press flows all over all of us, when one bad apple gets dropped into our barrel we all get spoiled. So, I hope I can help you. Lesley Bunning The Tax Negotiation Center

  • Sa
      10th of Aug, 2009
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    The Harvest by Safe Tax Help AKA: FSTN
    They will obtain penalties & interest.
    They will keep 110% of what they recover.

    When I hired them they were FSTN and in the last correspondence the letter head had changed to Safe Tax Help. I understand as they had received 40+ Better Business Bereau complaints... My story is they did recover over $1200 but billed me for $1400. I lost $161 in the process of 2 years. it is a legalized ponzi and I was the mark. Don't you be their next mark...

  • Jk
      30th of Oct, 2009
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    I had the same problem. The FSTN salesperson always talks so convincingly and shows sympathy on clients. That traps people who desperately need help on IRS tax. I was one of their victims. They needed a lot of money to do the job. They said they would charge only 20% of the amount they could negotiate for the reduction of the penalties and interests. Yet, before they could start negotiate, the did calculate that 20% they could get based on the total of amount of what we owed to IRS. Then, they charged that amount to us to start the work. They said it was the starting cost for their work. If we did not pay that amount, they could not work on the case. I paid them. However, they hardly worked on the case but they charged a montly maintenance fee of $35 every month to maintain the case for almost 3 years. Within 3 years, I had a chance to talk to the person who worked on the case only not even 10 times over the phone. THen, they disappered. They are fraud, evil, and immoral. This company should not exist any more no matter what the name will be.

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