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Federal Passport Agency / Fake promises and delay processing time!

1 United States

I helped my mom to apply for my brother's passport since January, and it is now June 8, 2007 I still have NOT received my brother's passport. Finally, I started called the federal agency last month, and this lady agent told me that she will expedite the process, and request for a one-day passport issuance for my brother, and said it will arrived ON May 25, 2007. I waited 'til May 28, 2007, and STILL I see nothing in the mail. Then I started calling for 2 days, and finally I reached an agent, and she said she can scheduled us in for an appointment on June 6, 2007 for 8:00 A.M... We went down to the Washington D.C. Federal Passport Agency @ 8:00 A.M., and there was ALREADY a long line, and most of the people are having 8:00 A.M. appointment. (I don't see why they schedule over 50 people for 8:00 A.M. appointment, if they cannot handle the workload, since they are a whole bunch of lazy ### working in there). Then finally it's our turn, and the lady asked when we are traveling, and we said June 15, 2007, and she was like "okay, I will have your passport upgrade to Monday." But then We needed our visas, so we asked her if we could get it on Friday, she was like "okay, come on Friday @ 7:00A.M. to pick it up." I asked her for a receipt or some kind of pick up ticket, but she said there's NONE (but other people have pick-up ticket with them) Then I asked her to write the schedule on a blank piece of paper, so I can AT LEAST have some kind of proof. Then I am there again this Friday, and they said I cannot pick up the passport for my brother, even though I am 22 years old. We went to the Washington D.C. Passport agency on that Wednesday, June 6, 2007 and we waited in line for more than an hour, the answer we got was they would upgrade our passport, so we could have it by Friday, June 8, 2007. I understand how busy the passport agency is, so we left patiently, and we went back to the Passport Agency today (6/8/2007)at 12:30 P.M. to get my brother's passport. After I waited for 2 hours, one for the African-American lady told me that I cannot get the passport for my brother, even though I am 22 years old, and she said either my dad or mom has to come and pick it up. When I tried to ask her if I bring my mother here, would we be able to pick it up today, then WITHOUT ANY REASONS OR ANSWERS, she told the security guard to escort me out of the building. I was just trying to ask her for a confirmation or simply it was just a QUESTION, yet she would not give me the answer, and her attitude toward me was unbearable. She even told the security guard to escort my friend out even though my friend did NOT do anything, not even said a word! I started sobbing on the side, and the security guard told me to just bring my mother in. I went through all the trouble and got my mother there today, and yet the same African-American lady once again, would not let me nor my friend approach the window and translate for my mother. My mother speaks little English, and yet I don't see why I cannot be a translator for her. More importantly, she kept on telling me and my friend to "GO AWAY!" for several times, even though we did NOT do anything. I have never received such humiliation and discrimination in my life time. As an honor student throughout high school, and an academic excellent student from University of Maryland of College Park, I don't think this is the attitude and treatment I should be getting. It's my right to ask questions, I have the right to freedom of speech, and yet she doesn't even let me talk nor ask questions. Then again, after I brought my mother there, and we even got the same-day pick up slip from the federal agency, and she would not give us the passport, and once again, asked the security guard to escort us out, and even FORBIDS me and my friend from coming back to the federal passport agency. Seriously, this is the very first time I felt discriminated in the United States, and I solely believed that I do NOT deserved such attitude and treatment.

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