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Federal Debt Relief System / Scam charges

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I enrolled in federal debt relief system in April of 2008. They are supposed to eliminate my credit card debt. I have been sending my credit card statements to them for three months and FDRS has not done a single thing to these accounts, 7 in all. In fact I talked to Veronica Rengal today (my customer relations specialist. She told me fdrs does not have info for any of my accounts. I’ve faxed copies of my c/c cards front and back, 3 times and she is telling my they don’t have it. She told me she was going to take care of this last month, she never did. She told me she would do an audit of my account last week, she never did. Then she tells me my account is all set.

Today she tells me she still needs copy of every card and dispute numbers and addresses for each account. I believe this company is a scam. I would appreciate any help. Veronica Rengal is my contact person at FDRS, she told me to send a cover sheet and write ATTENTION VERONICA on it along with all correspondence. She said as long as it says her name on the cover sheet she will get everything I fax. Today, when she told my they don't have all the info they need, I asked her what she does with all these things I have been faxing to her, she said she does not get them all, they go to another department. She was lying before or she is lying now. I told her I want to cancel my account, she told me to put it in writing and fax it to client care. She said customer service will call me, they never did. Their core values listed on their web site are a joke!

I never got a response from client care until I filed a complaint at BBB then Dan Lyle, representative of fdrs contacted me after he read my complaints. First he told me my blog was actionable and fdrs has in-house lawyers. He told me fdrs was not a scam. Then he promised me a full refund if I agreed to retract my complains with the BBC, FTC and IC3. I agreed to sign an agreement stating I would retract my complaints after I received my refund. That was many weeks ago and I haven’t heard from him. I’ve called his extension and left several messages several different times, at least once every two days for the past two months. He will not return my phone calls. This reinforces my original suspicion about what fdrs is. I just read the response to my complaint. Their statements are not true. A legitimate company would not have to lie to the BBB. A legitimate company would be happy to refund some ones money. A legitimate company would be happy to work with their customers. A legitimate company would not have so many complaints filed against them. I added to my complaint at BBB, then he called me again, left a message wanting me to explain all over again what happened. He is moving backwards. I want to move forward and resolve this. I’m continuing to file complaints with different agencies until this matter is resolved. I also plan to contact the DA office in CA.


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  20th of Oct, 2008
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Federal Debt Relief System - They never contacted the companies and the collection calls never stopped
federal debt relief system
7230 east 130th
United States
Phone: 9182898209

The company was told to delay my withdrawal by 1 month so i could check them out . they did not so I put a stop payment on the ach the day it was to be taken out hopefull tommorow i will get my money back
  3rd of Dec, 2008
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I think we all realize that the world is in serious debt today, and many of us have experienced this first hand. In fact, Total U.S. consumer revolving debt reached $962 billion in May 2008, up from $879 billion at the end of 2006. About 98 percent of that debt was credit card debt. (Source: Federal Reserve)

Consumer debt is a BIG problem and it is growing. Thankfully there are many institutions and organizations driven by a mission to relieve consumers of their debt.

Federal Debt Relief System is driven by this debt relief mission and has proven that it can do so. Here are what a few of our members are saying:

"My representative has been nothing but supportive - There is hope at the end of the road... Some services are only in it for the money, I don't get that feeling with [FDRS]." Karen B., WI

"Thanks so much for all of your hard and dedicated work for us, we really appreciate it so much!" Marita B., NY

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to share these facts and member opinions.

We encourage you to continue to explore your options for debt relief and genuinely wish financial freedom to all of us who are in debt and looking for a way out.

Federal Debt Relief System
  15th of Jan, 2009
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FDRS is a 200% scam and they are SPAMMING the web with comments such as the above.

I finally got the California Department of Justice to investigate, but they're not DOING anything to shut them down.

There's nothing more frustrating than receiving all these pleas for help from defrauded victims and not being able to do anything because I'm NOT an attorney and I don't know why the AG isn't just shutting them down.

See http://fdrs-debt-elimination-scam.info/ with details on my investigation and Cal. AG complaint contact info. DO submit your complaint to the AG and please post at the FDRS blog the results.

I've spoken with Dan Lyle and he threatened to sue me over my publications, but they don't dare to sue me -- they are CRIMINALS.

You really can't blame Mark Cella (FDRS owner) for defrauding desperate people when our GOVERNMENT knows about this fraud and does nothing to put the criminals into prison.

Nothing will change until we eliminate the corruption in the governments and courts.
  15th of Jan, 2009
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Did you get your money back?
  22nd of Mar, 2009
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FDRS is a complete scam. Due to my financial irresponsibility, I was under sever debt and had to turn somewhere. Unfortunately, FDRS was my choice because they "saved" me the most money. Long story short, I was promised that all my debt would be absolved. They convince people that they're not responsible for their debt through a bunch of valid we'll made documentary style videos, but never explain how FDRS eliminates debt. That's because they don't. While I was a client I was repeatedly lied to over the phone about the status of my account. Once I stated questioning the status of my account, my phone calls were no longer taken and messages not returned. Once the term was over on my contract and I had paid in full, I thought I was free. Nope! FDRS told me that because I enrolled on the "old" program, my debt was not absolved and if I wanted it taken care of, then I needed to pay more money. Short story right, anyways the FDRS rep essentially told me that my paid in full contract was useless and didn't do anything for me and refused to help me any further unless I paid more. So, I was told to re-enroll in the program and pay more money. I told them that I'd rather deal directly with the creditors because they're more honest. If there's ever a class action against FDRS, I joining!
  20th of May, 2009
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I also was scammed by these people and have also filed complaints with numerous agencies with no results? This is a first class scam and is well protected as it works between the laws!
  30th of Jan, 2010
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we two have been scamed just like the crowd.
  5th of Jul, 2010
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Federal Debt Relief System - company is know longer in business to my knowledge and i need some answers
federal debt relief system
United States

to whom this may concern i signed up with a company call federal debt relief system back in 09/04/2008. and my compliant is that i paid these people a total of $8, 454.00 to help me settle my debt. at first thing was going good and after the they finish collect the money and sent a little bit of paperwork to the creditor i haven't heard from anymore, and this was an 18month with drawal at 425.20 a month and all my debt is still hanging and i can get in touch with these people . and one creditor already took me to court and i never saw it coming, because federal debt relief system told me not to worry that they have it all under control, and believing them this is were it got me. i want my money back, is there and thing that can be done about this, they canceled the website of the payments that i was making to them and i did not get a copy, but i have bank records showing that these payments has been made and was taken out of my account by federal debt relief system any help would be appreciated. and who can i talk to. please help.
  5th of Jul, 2010
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just not happy with results
  11th of Nov, 2011
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Federal Debt Relief System - They never contacted the companies and the collection calls never stopped
Federal Debt Relief System
United States

I contacted a company I found on a tv commercial and attempted to consolidate some loans in an attempt to not lose my house to foreclosure. I had some past school loans and was not making enough money to cover all my mthly expenses. I was taken in by this company and allowed them access to my bank acct for automatic withdrawal. They were supposed to take the monthly amounts out and deal with the companies I owed and explain to them that I was attempting to pay the loans back. They never contacted the companies and the collection calls never stopped. When I tried to contact fdrs by phone and email, my attempts were ignored. I faxed them and asked them to return my money but I have not recieved any responses. I am just a working man trying to keep my head above water and was taken in by this companies promises. I would appreciate any assistance I can get in getting my $7, 650 returned. I attempted to reopen my acct and was told to email to Kevin and he was supposed to contact me by email and after numerous attempts he never responded.
  22nd of Jan, 2018
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To whom this may concern, I was also a victim to their scam. They lied to no end to me about helping me get rid of my debt in which it never happened. They scammed me out of $3, 450.00 and got away with it. I turn them into the BBB of CA. and also report them to the in BBB but nothing become of it. I’m not going to stop until someone does something about this. I have saved all my paper work so I have all the proof I need to get money back from these crooks. I have found out that I can file a complaint with ftc.gov/complaint and I encourage everyone else that has been a victim of this scam to do the same. If everyone files a complaint maybe something will get done and maybe we could get are money back from these scammers.

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