Feather River Exchange LLC/Judy Machado, / Illegal eviction, property damage, fraud

1 1150 Pine Street, Coronado, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 619-437-4545

Superior Court CA case: 37-2011-[protected]
Filed June 2011; ongoing
Also a TRO filed June 2011

I was granted a judgement in the appx. amount of $3, 500 & am continuing to collect on that judgement for Machado's illegal eviction, damage to my property & fraud. She has been arrested on various charges by the Coronado PD & I have spoken to them regarding her extremely aggressive & erratic behavior & actions. Had I been aware of this site, I would never have agreed to relocate to her residence & would have avoided an extremely stressful & unnecessary experience with this disturbed person.

Feather River Exchange LLC/Judy Machado,

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