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Here's at least one success story against a leasing company that's like FDGL:

All victims of FDGL should follow through and take action against FDGL like these victims did.

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  • Co
      Dec 21, 2010

    FDGL, which operates in many states under a few differnet names, is a fraudulent and borderline criminal business. When equipment is returned to FDGL after the term of the contract they always claim they have "never received it" and thereby continue to debit your company's account(s). They are criminal and unprofessional and my company has lodged complaints with the NY Attorney General as well as considering a law suit.

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  • Br
      Mar 08, 2011

    We agree with the other victims. FDGL harrasses people that it defrauds. A law suit is perfectly justified. FDGL lies to get people signed up and hides certain eggregious terms. It literally takes $3000-$5000 from people for a machine that's worth $150. We need to take FDGL down.

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  • Ab
      Oct 05, 2011

    How do I become involved in the class action suit? I am a victim of their fraudulent business activities. We have had a lease with FDGL for 10-months. Their equipment was sold to us covertly by Expect Payment Solutions. The $80 leasing fee was hidden and not apparent. I have no need for the equipment and it has sat on the shelves for the whole time. Now I am closing my business at the end of October and have gone to close my account with them. They are saying I cannot return the equipment and I have 3 more years on the lease. I can buy it out for $3, 070. It's highway robbery. I was also assured by my sales person that the contract would be void if we were to close our business. I don't even have an FDGL contract on file, since this was all done through a third party. FDGL says they have one and are going to mail it to me. We'll see.

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  • Au
      Jan 13, 2012

    They don't comply with contract terms, charged me $63 instead of $40 per month.

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  • Ke
      Aug 09, 2012

    Just to inform the uninformed, FDGL is not the company creating the fraudulent deals and or leases. It is in fact the merchant company that you are signing with that is creating the lease, the price of the lease, as well as the contract. You would need to go after your lying sales rep that had you sign the paperwork, and or the company they work for not FDGL. I do not work for FDGL, however I do work with them and they are a legal and legit company. I advise the people that are being manipulated to READ the paperwork you are signing with your processing company before you sign it and make copies on the spot before your rep leaves. It saddens me to see so many business owners being taken advantage of in this tough market. I would also like to comment about the above statement with Expect Payment Solutions. They are a terrible company, and it is a common practice of theirs to lie about savings, and sign business's into ridiculous lease's fraudulently. I know specifically of 13 different cases in the NW where business owners were signed into large leases with little savings. They have forged multiple documents and created contracts with people in the business's that have zero ownership and/or are not officer's of the corporation. They are a company to watch out for and if their rep's walk in your door I would advise you to ask them to leave and not come back.

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  • Fe
      Oct 30, 2013

    Regarding these hidden leases...Expect Payments did NOT disclose there would be a lease for a swipe machine, it is not in any of the documents that I signed or that I have on file and we don't use it. I simply got it in the mail and have been fighting it now for almost a year. Expect payments knew we weren't going to need one since we do ALL of our CC transactions through the online portal. Yes it is a rip off.

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