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I was looking through your site and I couldn’t find a mention (which, of course, doesn’t mean it’s not there) of the recent FDA warning on benzocaine-containing products, e.g., Orajel and Anbesol. If you’re unaware, the FDA recently warned that products containing benzocaine have been linked to methemoglobinemia, a potentially fatal condition. (See the FDA warning here: Onder Law Firm, of St. Louis, Mo., has been working with families to determine if they’ve been affected by these products.

So, the Firm is familiar with consumers who have been affected by dangerous products. As such, they’re available to offer any advice on the legality of such issues—regarding Orajel and similar products OR any other threatening consumer product. Since you provide information to help consumers stay aware, I just thought I’d reach out and offer their expertise. Thanks!


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