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A friend of mine's mom received a notice on the mail along with a cashier's check. The cashier check was for $4450.00. My friend called the number on the letter and spoke to someone who told her her mom had won money from two years ago. She also told her to deposit the check and that she would have to pay $2500 for an agent fee by Monday--this was on a Friday. I told my friend to call the number on the check-they assured her the check was indeed real. The check was issued by a well-known bank. I told my friend to be on the safe side to call the bank it was issued on. They confirmed that this indeed was a scam. So bascially they wanted her to deposit a fraudelent check and pay them $2500 before she would know the check was a fake. The check looked very real--and in fact I've never seen anything like. So beware everyone. We called the FBI and informed them of this and gave them all the info and phone numbers on the check. I've seen a lot of scams but none as elabrate as this one. Thanks all!

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