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On July 3, 2006, I placed an order with Favor Warehouse, Inc. via internet. Their advertisement claims to ship orders within 1-5 business days. By July 8, 2006 I still had not received conformation that the order had been shipped. I then called the company to check on the status and inform them that the items were needed for a July 13th shower. Finally, on July 13, 2006 the order was shipped. I did not receive the order until July 19, 2006. IT WAS THE WRONG ORDER. I called their customer service to inform them that I received the wrong order and advise them of the urgency in which I needed the correct order (July 22, 2006). I spoke with a "manager" who would not give her name. She informed me that I would need to ship the wrong order back to them at my expense before they would ship the correct order. First of all, I needed the correct order within 2 days at the latest. I was told that the correct shipment would be received Monday. TWO DAYS AFTER THE SHOWER. Also, I could not under stand why I would be responsible for paying shipping for their mistake. She basically informed me that it was my problem and that was the only thing they could offer. They have the worse customer service I've ever dealt with. I WOULD NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE NOT RELIABLE AND VERY RUDE.

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  • Mi
      10th of Oct, 2006
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    I cannot reach anyone the mailbox is full on both numbers. My order was denied even though it stated that it would take my type of credit card.

  • Na
      24th of Apr, 2007
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    My experience with was very favorable. I placed my order in Feb/2007 for an April 13,2007 wedding. The favors arrived within a 2 week time frame after the order was placed. Everything was there and because they were glass coasters, I was impressed with the bubble wrap packing that secured them. Not one was broken. I would certainly use this service in the future.I do feel it is always a good idea to allow yourself enough time, when ordering to allow for mistakes. In reading the complaints, it seemed the time frame between ordering and the event, was too short. Although there is never an excuse for rudeness on behalf of the vendor. Thank you

  • Al
      5th of Nov, 2007
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    I ordered Place Card Frames and they charged my card the same day. They told me the items will be shipped in 5 days. I emailed and called them many times but did not get any reply back. After TWO WEEKS that I was able to talk to customer service person, first of all she was very rude and then she told me that they won't have the item in stock for another month.

    I requested to get credit back and it's been a week that I haven't seen any credit.

    DO NOT buy anything from this website. They are LIARS.

  • Ca
      24th of Mar, 2008
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    Well, I so far I am not very happy with my favor warehouse experience. It has been almost two weeks since I placed an order for 9 small wedding favors. I emailed the company to ask where my order was and they have not replied. So I called the customer service number listed on the website. The woman answered and immediately put me on hold. I was on there for awhile so I just hung up. I suppose I'll just keep waiting to see if they come in but so far, and especially after reading all the complaints, I would not recommend this website. They seem to be pretty lackadaisical about getting their products shipped to customers on time.

  • Ca
      27th of Mar, 2008
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    Ok, I'm looking at week 3 here with no order. And let me tell you, I've been relentless with this company. I have called and called and called. Call #1 I talked to a woman, who told me my order would be shipped out that same day. It wasn't. Call #2 I talked to a man. I was very nice and pleasant with him and he said it would be shipped out on Friday. He actually was nice. He said the warehouse had been backed up. I called him again on that Thursday, the day before my order was to be shipped, to confirm and to retrieve my order number, as I had lost it. He gave it to me with no problem, and assured me that it would be sent tomorrow. I got on my computer, put in the order #, and it had no order status listed. So I called him back and told him. He said a lot of customers have that problem, but he guaranteed me that he was looking at my order at that moment and that he had printed it out and it would ship tomorrow. It looks like it's all in how you deal with this company. I'll keep everyone updated on whether or not I get my order by Tuesday, like he promised. It looks like if you talk to the right person, you'll get somewhere. But you've got to be careful, and sly. There's something weird going on with this company. I reported them to the Better Business Bureau. :) YEah!

  • Ma
      27th of Mar, 2008
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    I wish I had come across these complaints before I placed my order with This site is completely unhelpful, unreliable and a nightmare to work with. I placed an order with them over 2 weeks ago and still haven't received my order. I called on Monday inquiring about my order and I was told it was on hold bc I had a back ordered item. I cancelled that back ordered item and asked to have the rest of my items shipped out immediately. I was told that I would be credited for that back ordered item in a week (why is it going to take a week to be credited back?), and that the order would ship out Wednesday and I'd receive it by Thursday guarenteed. Today is Thursday and still not order. I called them to inquire about my order again. And after numerous busy signals, being put on hold 3 seperate times, I finally reached someone. He told me my order is packed and being shipped today (mind you when I called it was already nearly 5pm so clearly that's BS). I told the rep that my item was supposed to be shipped yesterday. He apologized and claimed that they've been very backed up (this seems like the excuse a lot of people have been getting). So I guess we'll see when I get my order. I'm so annoyed that I'll have to nag them on a daily basis just to receive an order which they took payment for two weeks ago! I placed an order with and got my order last week with no problem! I even called and ordered something additional and got it today. I will NEVER do business with again. I found information on the Better Business Bureau site. It has them listed as unfavorable and they list all the sites information, even the presidents email. Below is a link to the site. We need to harass whoever we can, this is ridiculous.

  • Vi
      9th of Jun, 2008
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    My order arrived on time, but I was very disappointed once they Items arrive! I order the crystal clear butterfly candle holders 100 half pink and half crystal. (item number F7800) This items look very nice on the webside but in reallity they have lots of imperfections, make it them look cheap. I am very sad since my wedding is coming up on june 14 and I don't know what to do. the crystal items have a very cheap uggly wire and imperfections in the plastic or material made. I advise to anyone not to make my same mistake.

  • Ve
      30th of Jul, 2008
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    I ordered my favors May 18th and on called, emailed, complained, called, emailed, complained...of course my credit card was charged on July 23rd (my wedding is on August 9) they say my card will be credited in 72 hours...but still had the gaul to email me and ask "if you can wait until September 17th, we can ship them out)...are you JOKING!! I went with Wrap With Us, placed the order on Saturday and they were here by the following Friday. Only 8 days before my wedding, but I would NEVER NEVER NEVER recommend Favor Warehouse...

    Oh and by the way...the line "your order will be shipped today" I heard every time I called...EVERY TIME

  • Kr
      29th of Apr, 2009
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    This was by far the worst company I have ever dealt with! I experienced many of the same issues as the others, but am still in the middle of dealing with it. I too had not come across these warnings previous to my order and anyone who is considering ordering from this site should take the advice and run in another direction!

    My order was placed for 75 keychains on April 10 with a promise to ship in 5 days. I received an email confirming my order, but heard nothing else from the company to this day. Once two weeks had gone by, I contacted them by phone by was not able to leave a message or get a real person. I sent an email inquiring about why my order was still listed as 'processing, ' but did not get any response. I then sent a follow up email canceling my order and I immediately filed a dispute with my credit card company.

    Yesterday, a week after I sent an email canceling the order, I received my shipment! It seems that once they found out that they would need to pay back the credit card company, they were able to ship my order. This was yesterday and needless to say, I was on fire! I now have to pay to send them back and can only hope that they will refund my purchase.


  • Iv
      12th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I still havent recieved my order. I have called over and over again and i get " It will be shipped out today every single time. I would never recommend this website to anyone. Look at how many complaints about delivery and not being able to contact anyone is compared to having great service. I called for a whole week like 10 times a day and still didnt talk to a live person. I left so many messages and even sent messages. The baby shower im in charge of is in 5 days and the tell me that I shoud recieve the favors in 4. I ordered these favors 2 months in advance. Its insane.

  • Ri
      15th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I also ordered favors for my daughter's First Communion. I never received the items. I left several messages and sent e-mails. I never recieved a response either. They received my money but I got nothing in return...AWFUL. They deserve to loose their business. BEWARE and buy from someone else who is more trustworthy. At this point I consider them thiefs and am filing a complaint. I suggest everyone do the same thing. I will update the status on any results I get.

  • De
      21st of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I ordered my items last week and have not recieved any form of information, when I called I got a busy signal, no email reply and was sent to someones voice mail! I hope I get my items on time!! I dont like what is happening right now!

  • Ty
      5th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    I had the same problem for my best friends bridal shower. its been 2 months since my order and still have no got my items. The shower was 3 weeks ago...i called and emailed about getting a refund and i have gotten no response. i want to put together a group of people who have been screwed over by this company to file a lawsuit. If you never received a refund or have lost money due to there lack of work ethic please contact me at thank you

  • Fa
      21st of Jun, 2016
    -1 Votes

    Sounds like sour grapes with a tiny number of orders. People have begun to live inside a bubble contained within the Amazon reality distortion field.
    MOST comapnies simplhy cannot afford to fulfill orders and fast and cheap as Amazoxn. I have neve have an issue dealin with FavrWhouse andhave been a loyal repeat customer for 6 years. Go and really look for legitimate reviews left by real customers on Google. Just google their name. They have 3, 400 review and 4.5/5 star rating. Stop hidinh behind some obscure name on an even more obscure site and look for real reviews on Google Shoppong where you will note that theu have the highest number of revies and have a very high rating. Even check bixrate or google trusted stores reviews.

  • He
      21st of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    I have ordered something from about three months ago and never received anything. I tried to contact them many times but they did not reply and I already gave up a long time ago.
    Recently they emailed me and asked me to review their product! I don't know are these guys joking or what, but it's not funny. How can I review something what I never even received!?
    I replied and asked about my order and these was nothing but silence.
    Better stay away from this scam.

  • Ja
      3rd of Aug, 2016
    +1 Votes

    Shame company! Placed my order June 29, after 2 weeks of not receiving or getting any updates from them i started nagging them, still no response! I kept on emailing saying just give me e refund blabla, and Aug 1 they emailed me my item will be shipped on time! Everytimes i checked my order status it says PENDING!!
    And i am so worried still so i kept on contacting them, even tried to call them, tried to contact them on facebook but it always says SOMEONE WILL REPLY TO YOU SHORTLY! still no updates or i havent receive any emails or msgs from them!
    AUG 3, Favorwarehouse msg me to messenger SAYING THEY CAN NOT FILL My ORDERS AND ISSUED REFUND!!
    i chat them back, OK WILL CHECK MY BANK COMPANY IF YOU REALLY REDUNDED MY 163.05$, then they reps me it takes 3 days, SO I TOLD THEM THEY SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME EARLIER OR CONTACTED ME coz my event is on the 10th!!
    THEY SAID " We are no longer authorized to carry these products. We're very sorry you were not notified sooner." So now im all in a rush !! Do not trust FAVORWAREHOUSE ever!!!

  • Bo
      4th of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes - Very unreliable service: please stay out of it!
    United States


    I ordered item on September 25th, 2007. After 10 days, the online order status did not change.
    After that I called them and was told that it will ship in 1 or 2 day.

    After 3 days, I called and was asked when I want the product? I was amazed at that question. Why do you care when I want it?
    I told them I need in one week. They told me that they can ship after 1-2 days and I cannot have it in one week.

    So I told them to do rush delivery. The person talked to her supervisor and told me that product is not available.

    Now I am fighting to get my money back.


  • Fa
      4th of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes

    We apologize for any trouble you may have been caused. Unfortunately the item you had ordered became unavailable which is why you were asked when your event was (it is our policy to find out if the customers event is after the in-stock date in which case you could determine if you would like to keep or cancel your order. You decided to cancel your order which was placed on 09/25/07 and were fully refunded on 10/09/07 (10 business days from the day you placed your order). We sincerely regret not being able to fulfill your order and hope that you were able to find suitable favors in time for your event.

    Thank you, Management

  • Ly
      4th of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes

    I completely agree with the complaint!!! I have placed an order last week as a rush order (and have paid the rush fees), up until 6 business days after the order placement I have not received an email notification that the order has been shipped. Then I got worried and called to find out if the order was shipped out on time and will make it before my event. I found out that only one item out of four has been shipped, and other items have not. The girl in the customer service was very nice and said that she will check if they can ship out the same day and will get back to me in 15. No call back received. After being put on hold for at least 8 times, and after 2 emails and 2 voicemails nobody got back to me. Then I decided to call every 5 minutes to get to talk to someone (many many minutes are spent on the cell phone with a lot of extra charges). And only then I found out that one of the items I ordered had been on the back order and will not be available for at least a week. It is unbelievable!
    Just a recomendation: First of all, if the item is on the back order you have to notify your customers before they place an order online (so they can go to a different vendor and purchase with no problems). If you find out that the item is no longer avaialble, NOTIFY THE CUSTOMER, especially if the order was placed as a RUSH order. RUSH usually means that the customer needs the items ASAP and willing to pay extra just to receive it on time. I plan to contact the Better Business Bureau.

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