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Faulkner / Nissian Sentra

1 Quakertown, PA, United States Review updated:

I purchased a 2004 Nissian Sentra from Faulkner of Quakertown in May of 2008. By October my engine had blown up. When I took it to Faulkner they said it would be covered by the factory warranty and sent it to a Nissian dealership. This Nissian dealership informed me that Faulkner had brought my exact vehicle in there a couple months before I bought it with the same problems and they had told Faulkner then that the warranty had been voided. Of course Faulkner denied all of this. The Nissian dealership also noted that the mileage was possibly higher the first time it was brought in in 2007 then it was in 2008 ( possible odometer rollback). Nissian ended up repairing my vehicle for me. Since then my exhaust now needs a $700 part, the service light is on, and it seems to be leaking oil again. I'm not sure what to do with this car that continues to fall apart, I've only owned it for 9 months!

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      12th of Mar, 2012
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    Faulkner - Discrimination
    Faulkner Pre-Owned
    United States

    Very friendly over the phone, but if you don't dress like you have money; don't bother. I wasn't dresses Down, mind you, but no - I didnt *Appear to have the kind of money they had hoped for. Descrimination. Remember that if you go to buy a car from Faulkner.
    I'll give them this - they were polite about giving me no chance. That is, after they got to the building to let me in. I had just spoken to them on the phone a couple hours before, they knew i was to be in. However, when we got there, we sat in the car roughly fifteen minutes waiting for someone. Not because we expected them to come find us - but because even though they had opened hours before, the doors were locked and noone was there. When someone finally Did arrive, they told me that the person I was there to speak to was still out.
    From the time i walked in the door, the man who let us in acted not only surprised that I was interested in the car - but explained that it was a very valuable vehicle. He proceeded to explain that they couldn't do anything (including unlock it, apparently) without calling the manager. I was treated as if i didnt know anything about it, and was never even allowed a look at the Inside. (Mind you, as this may be an expensive vehicle, I think after a 7 hour drive for nothing but This car - specifically - I should be taken a little more seriously.)
    Both (as in All, once the woman showed up) made sure to try to deter me from attempting to purchase this car. Maybe they felt i was too young for this vehicle - Or maybe Thought i was too Poor.
    They - to this day - have No idea that the vehicle was Well within my price range, as they (ready for this?) Never attempted to find out what my income was. It never came up in conversation, and the subject was dropped when i attempted to bring it up.
    I would think you would Want to sell a car that's nearly $30, 000.. but apparently, Only to certain types of people.
    They did waste my time with a credit check for a loan. I say waste my time because they refused to put my information down.
    The credit check was doomed from the beginning. They eventually decided instead, to put my cosigner down as the buyer, with only a portion of his income. (They did ask if they could make him the buyer, after they refused to put my information down. Said there would be a better chance of it running through if I (yes, the one they said had no income) was the Cosigner. By this time I'd realized they arent going to let me take this car home.. so yes. I'll waste your time, since i wasted hours of my own.) They wrote myself (again, as They wrote, with Zero income) down as the Cosigner.
    We were asked if we had eaten yet, and sent to lunch to kill time. They said this process would take around and hour to go through. When we asked what kind of places there were to Eat (as we were Quite a ways from home and didn't know the area) They were very vague but very willing to give us directions to the Mall. "I'm sure they have a food court." - as if they assumed that would be our place of choice to dine.
    We left, found a place called Haydn Zugs. (Awesome little spot by the way.)
    The Faulkner called, saying, "As I'm sure you assumed..." we couldnt get the car. They proceeded to ask if we found the mall, and i told them that we hadn't Looked, but we were at Haydn Zugs. She replied, and I quote, "Oh... That's a nice place. That's a *Really Nice place. I've never eaten there..." In a tone that clearly said she didn't expect us to eat anywhere that nice or expensive. I ended the conversation and finished my lunch.
    Had they written Any income on the report, I'm sure I could have driven the car home. My insurance company was waiting and ready to get a phone call with a VIN number, and i had cash in hand for my downpayment.
    However, it IS a collectors item, and I'm sure they felt I would not only Ruin the car, but take horrible care of it. How could a young person who doesnt abuse her money by wasting it on her appearance know how to handle or care for such an expensive car?
    If I wasted my money on my Looks, so that prejudice people like Faulker would take me seriously, I couldnt afford to GET and TAKE CARE OF such a nice vehicle at such a young age.
    I must appear to be too young to understand the quality of such a car.
    They were Absolutely No help in my purchase.
    I drove back home with Nothing --- Again - a 7 hour drive.

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