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Fathers Coice / Fees

1 93 Castlian Drive Goleta CA 93117, CA, United States
Contact information:

I started to work with Fathers Choice September of this year I signed up with Urrie who connected me with Jay at the time to consult about my custody case with my daughter. My husband followed up with e-mails and documents to Scott and Joel. We also consulted with Dean prior to October 8th which was a hearing with my Lawyer, the Law Guardian and the Judge concerning my case with my daughter, who will be 15 on the 19th of Dec this year. At the time we were promised they would take card of custady and childsupport for $840. 2 weeks past and we did not hear from anyone. On October 22nd my husband spoke to Tom Hutchinson and Mr Hutchinson said they would credit us half and they would take care of reviewing my case and continue the service promised. On November 18th I spoke to Jean and she scheduled an appoitment for Wednesday 19th 7pm no one called. I wrote an e-mail about my disappoitment on Wednesday the 20th and asked for the other half of the $840 as we have not received any service as of yet and also cancelled membership at that time. On Friday the 21st my husband and I spoke to Jean again and said they could have the papers ready by Monday, she transfered us to Robert on a confrence call and he said that Mr Hutchison received my e-mail on cancellation of membership and refund. On the Tuesday the 25th I had e-mail contact with Mr Hutchison..see e-mail. On Dec 2nd I was charged another membership fee . I e-mailed Mr Hutchison on Friday December 4th no response. I called a 3 different numbers and mail box is full (Scott Williams) .

Please advise

My husband Wayne spoke with you a couple of weeks ago regarding my custody case of my daughter Kelly. Wayne sent information via email on your request (trying to find a loop hole). I also emailed regarding charges on Nov 3rd, to date we have not yet heard a response. I did speak with Jean the other day and set up an appointment with you for last night 7pm central time as we are visiting in Wisconsin for the week. We did not hear from you, I did just leave a phone message 3pm central time today. Next Wednesday the 26th is my next appearance for court in NY and want to know if you had a chance at looking at the emails. I would also like to request a refund of $425 charges as I have not found any benefit to Fathers Choice that would be able to help in my case for my daughter Kelly. I understand you may be busy on other cases, however I need to continue to utilize the money in NY to help my daughter. Please let me know when the refund goes through. I would also like to cancel my membership as off December 1st 2008. I hope you can understand this is a frustrating time for us.

Mr Hutchison,

I would like to request response from last e-mail, also on Dec 2 we were charged another $48.95. I lost my case on November 26th and have to pay my lawyer, please remit my request plus amount charged on December 2nd. I plan on hearing from you today when credit of $845 plus $48.95 will be going through this week.

Thank you


Yes that is true, but only based on the paperwork provided which we did not receive and follow-up on from October 21st we did not hear from you. That was an agreement between you and Wayne that something would be done. As per Jean on Thursday Nov 20th we paid for the paperwork, again but we did not receive. So we are only paying membership of unlimited access for September, October and November. We are asking for full refund of charges $845, of which charges that were to be able to handle both custody and support of something but did not receive. We have a charges of $98 on 9/03/08 $48.95 on 10/02/08 and $48.95 on 11/03/08 we will be happy to pay for.



Yes. I too am sorry that after much time invested the case was possibly not won based upon only the written argument.

Per my conversation with Wayne he approved Father Choice to keep half and is expecting a total of $425 refund.

Mr. Hutchison,

We are awaiting 2 refunds first one from October 15 of $420.00 refund approved on October 20st Wayne spoke with Brittney and yourself. Second refund from October 21st of $425.00 approved on Nov 21st spoke to Robert. Please e-mail confirming refunds. Thank your staff for listening, including Jay who seamed to understand NY law more. It is unfortunate that my case was too involved for Fathers Choice to help.


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