Father & Sons Moving And StorageBroken pieces-contract not fulfilled - very inefficent packing and delivering (Cause of broken and missing articles)

Father&son moving co. was hired to move all furniture and all
Possessions from boca west c. c. apt house - an inspector was there 2 times and was well aware of possiesions to be moved to 45 ocean
Apt house some 20minutes east of pick-up point— he was informed that deliveries can only
be made between hours of 8a. m and 4:30p. both buildings
We were promised no problem-6 men on the job - finish one day by 4:30 and be at 2nd place by 8:oclock a. m. 2nd day—5men instead of 6 came and didnot finish on time and had to return next day to finish packing and arrived at 2nd place about noon—and by 4;30
What was left on truck was just thrown in the apt and they left us barely able to get in front door—and was told that a $300.00 tip was not sufficent and they would expect 500dollars as there were 5 men to start (and 4) to finish when we sarted to unpack we found that instead of using thier blankets they used oir seat cushions from our sofa and chairs to "protect unpacked items when there werent enough cushions they used our towels to wrap items—as the unpacking we found veru expensive signed glass items completely broken—signed plate broken in 4 pieces the entire bottom of a roll-topdesk-dresser completely broken-when they saw that they said "your wife is short she doesn" need the 4" bottom of the dresser—this went on and on as we unpacked—we called several times to complain-they ignored all calls and two registered and certified letters were sent and both came back that they "refused delivery from the post office—
Since both letters and all phone calls were ignored we have decided to go with you as our last resort—as letters on line with similar complaints take up most of 1 or2 pages when looked up in movers in all internet headings.
We would like to recieve refunds or replacements or current value of all broken items (pictures taken immediately after delivery) and some sort of resolutions to the lies told and use of our good furniture, towels etc. as packing equipment... i would like to have this held against thier license and quickly resolved as it is taking months and months and no on seems to have any authority over these people all pix and actual broken signed pieces available have kept most broken pieces etc.

Jan 16, 2017

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