Father of a Child / Unethical and rude behaviour on part of SANTA MARIA INTEGRATED LEARNING ENVIRONMENT SCHOOL VASANT KINJ NEW DELHI

1 4, Green Avenue Lane, VASANT KUNJ,110070 NEW DELHI, VASANT KUNJ DELHI, India
Contact information:
Phone: 011- 26169336, 26896144

The Director of Education,
Department of Education,
New Delhi

This is in reference to the complete unabashedly unprofessional, rude, illegal and downright insulting behaviour on part of a Private School named SANTA MARIA INTEGRATED LEARNING ENVIRONMENT SCHOOL located in the prominent Vasant Kunj area of New Delhi.

The principal named ANNIE KOSHI, a female, is of unstable mind, displaying on the brink psychotic behaviour towards all, parents, Grandparents, Senior citizens and the toddlers themselves. Apart from fleecing humongous amounts from the hapless parents in cash donations all in the name of "Development Funds/ Building Funds" she resorts to street urchin mannerisms towards the parents who stand their ground against such unlawful acts/ Illegal demands. The entire school is run out of a Private Farmhouse (right behind the Church in Vasant Kunj) flouting all norms laid down by the department and Ministry of Education.

The Principal even doesn't spare her own teachers, insulting them before everyone to see, eventually these teachers vent out their frustration on the kids by beating them up in class, being a Pre-school all children are below 6 years of age. Most parents have not reported the matter to proper authorities, fearing a wasted year of their child's future, but time is now ripe for action against such repeatedly audacious offenders, who have turned education into a street vendor styled business with no respect to rules/ regulation or fear of law.

There is either no helper nor any teacher supervising in the school buses, or they sleep during the entire duration of the pick-up / Drop facility for the kids, resulting in several children falling and getting seriously hurt. The Supreme Court's directions to all schools regarding an attendant / helper being present in the buses to assist the kids has fallen on deaf ears in the SANTA MARIA PLAY SCHOOL.

With school being run as sole-proprietorship firm and owners being husband & wife (Principal), all safety & security norms, professional conduct, basic etiquette's towards parents / guardians are no where to be seen or observed. They even ask parents to get a clinical certification from a registered Psychiatrist, in case any one challenges their authority or the sheer lack of it. This is blatant misuse of authority meant to malign & tarnish the image which is legally challengeable in a court of law..

Hence I hereby request the proper authorities in the department of Education and Ministry of Education, & NCERT Board to take stringent actions against SANTA MARIA PLAY SCHOOL (PRE-SCHOOL) VASANT KUNJ, NEW DELHI, lest the parents decide to take matter in their own hands. Their registration needs to be immediately revoked for all future, to protect the rights of Parents and their children.

News Reporter.
Member Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP)

CC: Ministry of Education

Mar 28, 2014

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