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There are NONE of these commercials i find interesting or even likely to make me patronize the business or their products. I probably would purchase their posters if it weren't for the ridiculous, obnoxious, nauseating commercials. The one in particular, has a child that goes nuts over a stupid poster of a car on his wall, with a guy in the doorway laughing the most obnoxious, phony-sounding laugh! The mother's voice is just as annoying as she explains "this is what he's oh my goshing about." I DISDAIN that commercial and want to SMASH my tv every time it comes on. Why would ANY normal child be all excited to the point of TEARS over a POSTER ON HIS WALL??? It's the most stupidest propaganda!

Feb 20, 2013
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  •   Feb 20, 2013

    Why would ANY normal adult get so bent out of shape over a commercial?

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