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Fat cow hosting has never disclose what the charge for each products they have, till you have sign up and log in to the control panel, the most frustrating thing is requesting refund. They will deducted 50-60% of your sign up fee and tell you certain products was not refundable, and they are not listed in the terms and condition. The other problem is the construction of the web site, it is so difficult to navigated and try to constructed a web site is a nightmare, and the help desk is not help either. I suggest, do not sign up hosting from fat cow, there are plenty of other web hosting services out there.

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  • Kr
      3rd of Sep, 2009
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    Also fatcow is a big big scam website. I have joined their affiliate program, and used their live chat option and asked if my website is valid for generating sales and if valid for me to recieve affiliate commissions.
    Then I started promoting them and hardly earned US $1800 by wasting lots of money on adwords and others.
    But while sending payments, they said that first it takes around 30 days for commission payouts, then they said it takes 45 days. Then they said that it takes around 45-60 days to release payments.
    Atlast while 60 days were over, they said due to system maintainance, it is taking delay in sending payments and now they say that my website violates their Terms of Service.
    What a horrible reason. I have sent them so many mails that I had asked about it earlier but they just said We are sorry for wrong information and you cannot be paid.
    And the main problem with me was till noe I have made US $3100 as they used to make delays in payments. If they would have told me earlier, then I would have stopped or never wasted so much money.

    Till now I wasted approx US $2400 in advertising and they say that I have violated their TOS.

    I suggest that never go with fatcow. It is a big scam. Even affiliates get cheated and also the customers.

    I have realised them as I have earned a lot commissions with the same website from ipower. But I found fatcow to be cheaper than ipower and so I left ipower and went up with fatcow.


  • Ed
      17th of Sep, 2009
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    I have exactly the very same problem with FatCow. I joined them as affiliate and they are not sending money at all. I am considering dropping $8500 to a lawyer in MA to file a lawsuit.

    Warning Do not join their affiliate program at ALL! This is a scam company.


  • Wh
      3rd of Jan, 2010
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    Well with FatCow for a while now and good service! however the people you chat to are so ignerent! 'I apologise..May I place you on hold..' and 'I apologise for giving you the incorrect information'.. And I complained about the price raise and they said 'I have spoken to the manager and FatCow are willing to charge only the Sale Price for the renewal'..

    But the guys you chat to can be helpful..'s website is so hard to get around.. and FatCow's is simple!!

  • Lu
      27th of Mar, 2010
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    FatCow just revised their TOS and cut their services that I already paid for.

    Paid for a year of unlimited hosting, they just revised their TOS as of March 2010 and no longer allow hosting of media files, a service which I paid a year up front for. ###.

  • Ye
      27th of Apr, 2010
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    I have the exactly same problem with fatcaw affiliate program!
    I did referred my brother to the company via my link and all was OK.
    but no sale recorded. and they told me that it wasn't recorded by your link.

  • Ke
      12th of Jun, 2010
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    They are a terrible company any way you look at it. I was stupid enough to sign up for their hosting, and it's the worst hosting experience I have even encountered. 45 second load times? C'mon Fatcow. Those were the dial-up days. Time to get on par with the rest of the world.

    Regarding service: They respond fast! However, the REAL question they solve the problem? The answer is "NO". Their service people are completely incompetent and talk to you like you're the problem. They repeatedly come back with their famous canned reply of, "Well, we couldn't duplicate the issue. The problem may be on your end." Now that's what I call "customer service".

    Seriously, go elsewhere for your hosting needs. A few I'd highly recommend are: HostGator (excellent) and GoDaddy. You cannot go wrong with either one.

    To the affiliates: Sorry to trash the product you're promoting >.< but I'm so fed up with Fatcow service. Regarding your payments, it might be possible Fatcow has a minimum disbursement requirement or they require affiliates to have a minimum number of sales on a few different credit cards before releasing funds. Many affiliate programs do this to cut down on bad apple affiliates playing the system. I hope this helps.

  • Jm
      26th of Aug, 2010
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    I don't even have the words to fully express the incompetence of the sales, billing, and support teams. I have had issues with all three. I agree there must be a scam going on because there is no way an entire office of people are possibly that dumb. They billed my credit card for a product i never signed up for and I had to resort to making a claim with my bank to get the money back. After, of course, being assured several times that they would refund the money. Words of advice - DON'T DO IT!!! I don't know what alternatives are out there, but I'd rather not have a website than to ever deal with this company again.

  • Lo
      13th of Apr, 2011
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    Fat Cow is the worst hosting site I have ever used. They are scammers ! They steal your hard earned money. When I cancelled my services with them before my renewal date, they still charged my account for the next years subscriptions and when I called them to complain they refused to refund any part of my money. I am now taking this complaint to the BBB. Once you sign up with their company their customer service and support team is non existent. They just auto withdrawal your money. DONT TAKE THE CHANCE SIGN UP WITH SOME OTHER COMPANY !!!

  • Jf
      3rd of Jun, 2011
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    I started a website with Fat Cow last year ( at the rate of $44 a year. This year they charged me $107.40 for the renewal of the site. I called to complain and was kept on hold or moved around from one person to another with no results or answers. Finally I called the following # (602) 716-5396 (their legal dept.) and spoke to someone called Zack. First he wanted to transfer me to billing which I refused of course I didn't want to be on hold forever. After a while he told me why my rate had increased by 2.5 times: The $44 rate was the introductory rate! This was never mentioned on their website when I subscribe with them nor was it mentioned on my first invoice. It's a scam. So, Zack told me that there was a way around it: Cancel my service and start it again at the "introductory" rate. Which means that I would have to go through all the online forms and totally rebuild my site. Hours and hours of work. I told him to cancel my website and refund me. He agreed and said I would get my refund in 5 to 10 days (around mid-June 2011). I doubt I will ever see the refund but I'm not too worried as I am disputing the charge with the credit card company. No wonder they chose the name Fat Cow, milking people the way they do!

  • Fa
      27th of Aug, 2011
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    Stay away from Fatcow seo linking service! They take your money and do absolutely nothing. Every time you try to ask what's going on with your campaign, they give the same ### excuse and say that they can't show any work they've done, but it takes time... Fatcow has the worst seo linking service out there!

  • Ea
      29th of Apr, 2012
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    These people are scam artists. I was told that I would have a free domain for life. I was talked into a special 3 year plan that I paid in total up front. Now 2 years into it, they want me to pay for my domain. They say that they don't offer that program, and that I didn't qualify for it back when they had it. All the different hosting review sites on google say that Fatcow offers free domains for life. I guess they lure you in and then smack! Find a different hosting plan!

  • Ta
      21st of Aug, 2012
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    Run!!! Don't waist one cent on I lost over $1400 saying that I could get help developing a webiste. Logan was the young boy that answered and completely lied to me. I was told that someone within the USA would help me, and that fatcow could help me such as hp could.

  • Tr
      2nd of Dec, 2012
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    Fatcow, I power/Endurance Group are a pack of cretins. I paid for SEO and got wiped out from Ryan Whitten, he sabotage my rankings and tried to sell Fatcow's cheap backlinks that Google hates. He was a waither in a cheap MEXICAN RESTAURANT BEFORE GETTING THE JOB OF PIRATE AT FATCOW. Don't use them and warn everyone you can.

  • Ro
      8th of May, 2013
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    I have used fatcow for years and for the most part I have been Happy. I have not used the affiliate program. But let me tell you about a new scam that is going on with fatcow. A rouge IT guy inserts malicious code into a hosting account. Site get taken down to to it being "Hacked" You call them to get it cleaned and back up. They then recommend Sitelock to help with this. So you sign up for that. Soon after the site gets "hacked" again. Now you get a call for Dave at siteloc offering to assist you and to tighten down your site for $1500+
    Sofa King Mad! I have a 42 random generated password and no open FTP access. Totally from the inside. To prove it I finally had enough and moved the site hosting to another company. Cheaper than dealing with this over and over. Funny no Hack since! I don't think that this is a Company thing but rather a Site lock scam using a rouge IT guy who is probably getting kicked back. Several hundred to resolve this.

  • Ch
      17th of Apr, 2014
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    This FAtA.S.S Affiliate Program is a SCAM!

    I signed up as an affiliate (Feb 2, 2014), and refer a friend to purchase a hosting package, dated March 5, 2014.

    In my affiliate panel I monitored this said purchase and there i have a $100 estimated commission.

    Checked the status every week, Mar 17, Mar 26, Apr 3, Apr 9... Payout Eligibility is ELIGIBLE and APPROVED.

    Now April 17, 2014, I am expecting this commission payout and when I checked my status, this becomes "ACCOUNT INELIGIBLE FOR PAYOUT" and "Tax Form Filing: DENIED" that was previously APPROVED


  • Fo
      22nd of May, 2014
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    My complaint is against both Google and Fatcow. A few days ago I set up a website with Fatcow at a cost of $100.54 including 2
    addons. I used Wordpress in creating my blog. I later received an email from Fatcow regarding Webmaster Tools provided by Google.
    I soon found I could not use these Google Webmaster Tools. Google kept saying it could not verify the existence of my domain address which is pure baloney. No matter which verification method I chose I could not get it to work.
    I obtained a Tracking ID code thru Google Analytics. Unfortunately I do not understand how to link this to my domain and no one at
    Fatcow seemed to know how to do it either. One employee with Fatcow correctly showed me how to upload an HTML code to my computer. Unfortunately attempts to download this code to my domain as a plugin failed. I kept getting messages that said ERR_BAD_FORMAT. Attempts to get this code linked to my domain consistently failed. Another problem lies in the fact that Fatcow is
    not on Google's canned list of domain providers.
    When I contacted Google they flat out refused to provide any assistance at all to fix this problem. They stubbornly insisted they had no responsibility for the problem because I paid Fatcow to set up the website, not Google.
    I blame Google far more than I do Fatcow. At least Fatcow had employees who attempted to fix the problem but lacked the expertise to get me past this problem. Google caused the problem by the way they set things up and their willful refusal to provide any type of
    assistance to fix the problem makes me much angrier at them than I am at Fatcow.

  • Fo
      22nd of May, 2014
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    MY complaint is aimed at both Fatcow and Google although I am much angrier at Google for the problem. A few days ago I set up a blog with Fatcow at a cost of $100.54. I used Wordpress in creating my blog.
    I later received an email from Fatcoww regarding Webmaster Tools provided by Google. I soon found I could not use them. Google kept saying it could not verify the existence of my domain which is pure baloney and they kept denying access to their webtools. Their
    canned list of domain providers does not include Fatcow and that was one of the problems. I obtained an ID Tracking code from Google Analytics. Unfortunately I do not understand how to link this to my domain. One employee with Fatcow correctly showed me how to upload an HTML code to my computer. Unfortunately attempts to download this code to my website failed. I kept getting the
    message ERR_BAD_FORMAT every time I tried to get this code downloaded as a plugin.
    When I contacted Google they refused to provide any assistance to help solve the problem. Google stubbornly insisted in had no
    responsibility for helping to resolve the problem because I paid Fatcow to create the website, not Google. I believe that Google is very
    much to blame for helping to cause the problem because of the way they set everything up.
    At least I found employees at Fatcow who were willing to assist but lacked the expertise to get me past the problem. Google's stubborn refusal to proved any type of assistance at all to get past the problem makes me much angrier at them.

  • Sr
      23rd of Aug, 2014
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    Chethan Shetty: We will not refund if facebook coupon is used.Chethan Shetty: Yes, within 30 days we do not refund.Chethan Shetty: If facebook coupon is not used, we will refund the amount.fb coupon not used then refund or else no refund
    never never trust fatcow or ipage
    they both doing now a days huge fraud be careful guys

  • Na
      9th of Sep, 2015
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    FatCow pulled their biggest scam in 2015--with their Malware scam. They had so many sites being compromised my malware that they had to have a SiteLock person in their office to handle all the complaints. The worst of it was, not only did they shut down the "attacked" site--but my other site also that had no malware. SiteLock charged $55 to remove malware ($110 for both) and put site back up--AND this was for 1 month, you had to continue service (I did not after one month). I was suspicious since there were so many problems at once--and their were SiteLock personnel in FatCow's office conveniently. So I checked and sure enough FatCow and SiteLock are owned by the same company IPower:
    There other options--several are free on Word Press. I'm now using WordFence, There are over a dozen videos on how to protect your WordPress website. I like Katrinah, clear and I built my first "beautiful website" with there instructions. (No relation, friend or affialte);
    Fat Cow has not given me good service. I have had issues--and it was always my fault... They finally admitted it was not, and did give me a credit. However, I sent hours of frustration and having to redo my website.. The Customer Service reps are the worst. Out of 2 dozen calls, I have had one who had a brain.

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