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I placed an on-line order on for a baby shower gift which I would need to receive by 10 days. The web site stated that the gift would be shipped within 2 – 3 days and with regular ground service would take 7 days for shipping. But I did not receive the order on the 7th day so I sent and email inquiry and called customer service. The customer service representative indicated that the gift had not yet been shipped. I expressed concern, as I needed the gift by 7/21/06. I provided the same information in my email inquiry. The customer service representative said she would send a notice to have the gift shipped "overnight" and that this shipping would be of no cost to me. She said she would send email verification to me. When I did not receive the gift the next day, did not received that promised email verification, and still had not gotten an email response to my email inquiry, I called again. The customer service representative said that she could not access my account and that I should call back another time. The next day, one day away from the baby shower, I called once again. The customer service representative told me that the package still had not shipped and assured me that it would be shipped out ground service in the next few days. I explained my situation and what I had been told. She told me that I would have not been told that it would be "overnighte", as they do not do that. At this point, I asked for a supervisor who said that the gift had not yet been shipped, but that it was a high priority and would ship in the next few days. I told him that would do me no good, as I needed it the next day and expressed my extreme dissatisfaction. I asked them to cancel the order and the answer I get that there was no confirmation that the order would cancel. I was in a fix I had to rush to the market for the gifts and after 10 days I received what I had ordered which was of no use only waste of money. Ordering them was trauma for me.


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