Fastways CourierUK Lottery Prize


I am Johan Delport, living in South Africa. I have received a mail just 2 days ago that
I won 1000, 000, 00pound sterling in a yearly UK Lottery draw. I have been informed a Mr Terry Carter, fuditarian of the UK Lottery to contact a certain Mr. Timothy Cole at Fastways Couriers; who will be responsible for the notarization and payment of my prize claim.
After sending the requested info to Mr.Cole, I received a reply, asking me to select 1 0f 2 options the prize could be delivered to me. Option1 is a direct Residence Delivery Option 2 is a Bank Transfer. Both of these options require money to be paid before I can receive my prize.
Right from the start it sounded too good to be true, but there is always the doubt: well what if it is true and you miss out on all that cash?

I have not paid any money to them yet, as I am awaiting the reply mail from Mr. Timothy Cole(Logistics Coordinator-Fastways Couriers/London)

Please can anybody assisst/ confirm weather this is a scam or not. If so what can one do to
nail these Criminals?

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