Fastrak Automotive / Deceptive trade - puts in used part, but sells it as new

1 Stuebner Airline Rd, Houston, TX, United States

Beware! This shop tried to rip me off! Thank goodness for credit card protections. In Jan of 2012 I took my SUV to have my anti-lock pump assembly replaced. They quoted a few hundred below the dealer price and I asked if these were going to be new factory parts. They said of course, but they can get for less by buying the part from a repair shop that did not want to pay a restock fee for the part, and their labor rate was lower. So I said okay as long as the part was new from the factory. After several delays in getting the part and work installed, I picked up the car about 10 days later ( I was promised 4 day turnaround ). About a week later, I took the car to a friend who is a mechanic to check an oil burning smell. I told him about just having the abs unit replaced and how expensive the part was ($1240 just for the part). He said the part could not possibly be new, it was weathered. He also showed me that they forgot to fill the brake fluid reservoir as it was at minimum. I took the car immediately to the dealership and they confirmed that Fastrak installed a used abs part which they would never recommend or do for safety and liability issues. When the part fails, you lose all breaking from the pedal and you have to use the emergency brake. So I the. Took the car to Fastrak and after some delay they admitted that they had in fact installed a used part and that they forgot to top off the brake fluid. When I asked to speak to the owner about their deception and to make it right, they said the owner would call me. He never did. I spoke to my attorney and he said to dispute the entire charge amount with AMEX. I stated I was concerned that others might fall for their used part as new part scam, and so I am posting this notice, I have filed a complaint with the BBB and the Texas Attorney Generals Office. I can not recommend this shop - buyer beware !!!

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