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Fastmelts 30 / unauthorised money taken

United States Review updated:
i applied on line for the free trial acia berry, on the 18th november it stated if i did not wont to continue i had 30 days in which to do so, i phoned and sent an email i did not wont them that same week, today my bank statment arrived with £59.87 taken from my account UNAUTHORISED on the 3rd Dec


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  8th of Dec, 2008
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I too have had the same problem. I though could not find a telephone number, with the correct code to dial from England, and could not find an e-mail address. I received the product with a letter telling me that on the 14 of every month the money would be decucted. I have not contacted my credit card company and stopped my card so they can not not get any more money. Its the only way as they have not proveded me with correct contact details. The same thing has also happend with some Wuyi Tea i have ordered i can not get in touch with them.
  9th of Dec, 2008
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Fastmelts 30 - Unauthorized Charge
My Vip Fit
United States
Phone: 877-859-1069

I ordered a "free" sample of acai berry for $3.95 (cost of shipping & handling) on 11/21/08. I have not received anything and was charged on 11/21/08 for the $3.95. Today (12/6/08) my credit card was charged $89.31. I was not aware of this and did not authorize the charge. When I called they told me they would not refund the amount and when I told them I would turn it over to the authorities, the person I was speaking with said, "GO AHEAD, I DARE YOU!". This is one of the most blatant ripoffs, yet. They also go by the name of FitFac.
  17th of Dec, 2008
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It did happend to me too...i just order a sample and they charge me $89 actually they charge me $20.99 in my saving account not only one time but 4 X charge so total of 83.96 and now they charge me $89 in my credit card.. Is there anything I can do to get back my money??
  16th of Jan, 2009
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Try going to your bank and explaining that you did not authoirize the charge - you would be surprised at the result. I have been calling since mid-Dec 2008 for a refund and was continuously told (by people who are difficult to understand) that my refund was "pending due to technical difficulties" and to wait 2-3 days to see it on my statement. I finally told them that I found enough information about their company to file a lawsuit and my attorney would be the next person speaking with them. Once I hung up from that call, I saw all of info online about this fraud!! I immediately called my bank and they said they saw a pending transaction from this very company that was added today!!! Imagine that a threat of a lawsuit made their "technicaly difficulties" go away!!! Try it - it can't hurt : )
  19th of Mar, 2009
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Same thing happened to me. They said it was a free trial offer just pay the shipping. They started charging my account for $89.31. I did call the number on my statement and get it canceled. However I have not been able to get my original charge back yet. I have made numerous call and everytime I am told that the refund will take 14 days to show up on my account. Everyone needs to just keep calling 877-859-1069, that is the number that was on my statement. I have been battling this since Nov 2008.
  12th of Aug, 2016
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the same thing has just happened to me. what can be done to get my money back/
  12th of Aug, 2016
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FASTMELTS30 - Unauthorized charges
United States

Unauthorized charge on my account. Bank says if it turns out to be a recurring charge it won't matter if I cancel my card or not. The charges will still go to an old account and has to be disputed. What a pain. DO NOT ORDER FROM ANYONE QUESTIONABLE ON THE NET!!! What a nightmare!
  12th of Aug, 2016
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FASTMELTS30 - Unauthorized charges
1499 pelletier st
Phone: 519 254-9959

received visa bill with $113.05 USAdollar on my account and never ordered this product. orignal price 89.31. how can this charge be corrected.
  12th of Aug, 2016
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Fastmelts 30 - Unauthorized charges
409 6th Ave East
United States
Phone: 205-386-1512

Charges keep appearing on my checking/debit account. I ordered a free trial size of AcaiBterry from FASTMELTS30/ 1-877-859-1069, which was charged to my account before I even received the product. Icalled and spoke with CS and I finally received the free trial product and did not even open. I then received my account statement with a $29.95 charge for an online fit club and called them and after a heated discussion they removed. Then on 12/1 I was charge $89.31 for a PRODUCT I HAVE NOT RECEIVED. NO WARNING, I did not even know what the charge was until I received my checking statement. I called and said I would send back product unopened. They said, No they do not accept returned products. I am so upset I will Never try anything that says FREE or FREE TRIAL again. It is obviously an unethical company. If everything is in fine print and they basically have to steal to do business then more people need to know what they are really doing. THEY NEED TO BE REPORTED AND SHUT DOWN FROM THE INTERNET BUSINESS.

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