Fast Fix Jewelry Repair / Unethical behaviour

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I went to this business to have a diamond dinner ring repaired because I lost one of the cluster diamonds. The jeweller examined my ring and said most of the other diamonds needed the claws reinforced. They replaced one diamond and did a poor job reinforcing the claws. They also replaced the entire band holding the diamond clusters. When I returned to Canada, I lost the same diamond they replaced so I brought it to a jeweller again. He notified me that the replacement band that Fast Fix Jewelry Repair did was nothing but 14k gold FILLED instead of 14k gold. He also stated that they made a mess of the reinforcing claw work and it would have to be redone. I could have cried because I paid $350.00 to have one diamond and the claws reinforced by this crooked business.

Mar 17, 2017

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