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1 Grapevine, TX, United States Review updated:

I'm a client of Fast Debt Solutions and it has been far from a good experience. Not only have a paid a large amount in fees but I have received horrible customer service. I have reached voice mails more than I have reached a human voice. The turnover must be astronomical because every time I call I'm told a new person will be handling my account.

Now, this company has violated my trust completely. An employee called me and requested that I wire him $8, 500.00 to him so he can pay 2 creditors. The settlement offers were good so yes I did what he said. I wired the amount he requested and called him back to confirm that the amount has been sent. Unfortunately, he pocketed the funds and did NOT pay my 2 creditors.

The local authorities were apparently called but no charges were filed. I was told that the thief was fired and I would receive my money back. I was told by management that I could not press charges against the company because the company did not steal from me. I could however file charges against the employee because he is the one that stole.

They did refund my money in monthly installments but I did not appreciate how I was treated. I was also told not to ever wire funds to an employee like I should have known better. Should I not trust an employee of this company? I pay them huge fees every month to tell me what I need to do right?

I asked a manager if a background check is part of the process when hiring someone who handles a customers money. The manager said "No, a background check was not done". I feel the hiring manager who hired this thief should have also been fired.

I was also told that I was not the only customer that this employee stole from.

My online research shows that U.S. Debt settlement purchased Fast Debt Solutions and also American Debt Control and now recently RAM Financial. These four companies are operating out of Grapevine, Tx and all have the same employees. I asked to speak to Michael Mann who is the CEO of these four companies. I wanted to let him know the stress this has caused me and also let him know the time I spent worrying about the return of my money. He did not accept my call.

If you are looking for a debt settlement company to help you, please avoid the above four companies. All you will receive is grief.

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  • Em
      7th of Oct, 2010
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    The above statement is accurate.

    U.S. Debt Settlement is basically a shell company that acts as the parent company to the companies listed above, a clean shell to go public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and to raise capital.

    After acquiring Compass Credit Services and Equity Development Group from Sam Congdon in 2009, U.S. Debt Settlement bought the other companies in 2010 and what has transpired since the mergers has been nothing short of a nightmare.

    American Debt Control, acquired March 2010 – Employee of U.S. Debt Settlement was brought to Grapevine, TX to administer the settlements and legal department. Soon after his arrival a female employee filed sexual harassment charges on him. After management heard from numerous employees, male and female, that in fact he does act in an uncomfortable manner; the male employee stayed and the female employee did not.

    Fast Debt Solutions, acquired April 2010 – New employee was hired. Yes, he was hired with no background check and later found he was on probation for a previous theft charge. Soon after his hire, he did steal from multiple clients totaling $25, 000.00. The Grapevine police were called and suggested we file charges, management chose not to. The thief is now free to do this to another company.

    RAM Financial, acquired August 2010 – After the acquisition and the company was brought to Grapevine, we found that more than half of the clients have legal accounts. Sorry to say, a great deal of these clients will be sued. After reviewing the accounts, hiring a licensed attorney has been recommended. The appropriate help needed has not been hired at this time.

    Along with being mismanaged, currently there are only 10 to 12 employees left to handle the accounts for approximately 4000 clients. It’s difficult to give nothing but “poor customer service”.

    Trust and integrity should be a common business practice but sadly isn’t practiced in this “house of cards” due to the management team, Michael Mann, CEO and Sam Congdon, Operations and Hiring Manger. Also known as “Scam” Congdon in the offshore industry.

    Hopefully these two decision makers can learn from their toxic mistakes and develop some professionalism. If not to give their employees and investors an organization they can be proud of, then please do so for their fee paying customers.

  • He
      18th of Oct, 2010
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    I am a long time employee of American Debt Control and I can tell you that the obvious flagrant implications made about our company by this so called “client” were actually made by a disgruntled employee that I worked closely with. This is not this ex-employees first or even second attempt at lashing out at our company. To provide you with some background information, during her employment here she continually made up falsities about fellow employees damaging reputations and potentially putting their jobs at risk. I was a friend of hers and trusted what she said to me until the details of her stories continually changed I started slowly establishing that not only was there no foundation for her insane accusations, there was also no motivation for her lies.

    I am the senior most person at American Debt Control and I can assure you that the owner of this company Mike Mann takes constant concern over the well-being of his clients and employees, making several concessions for this particular employee to make sure she was comfortable and happy at her place of work. However, she would randomly give her “official notice” to quit and then shortly after take it back. After she gave her last notice, and changed her mind yet again - it became more apparent that her most recent insane accusations were in fact made up. And the decision to let her go was made. Every since this time she has anonymously harassed our company making phone calls and hanging up, yet showing up on caller ID. Sending in anonymous disturbing faxes and emails with sole intent of continuing the same harassing behavior that was experienced during her time of employment.

    I would also like to mention that the client she is falsely claiming to be was contacted and does not appreciate the misconstruction of her experiences with our company or the very bad impersonation. This same client has offered any help and assistance in lending the truth to this false posting and that is she is “utterly and completely satisfied & grateful to the efforts and outcome of the resolution of her accounts by our company.” I also would like to add that frequently in our company “praise” emails will be shared via email to everyone in the office. These are messages from happy clients telling us how we have changed their lives because they are not only no longer in debt but also saved a ridiculous amount of money in the process.

    This was a very cowardly and ill intended attack against our company and it’s owner Mike Mann, who once again I can tell you is held to the highest regard & not because of his position but due to the integrity and professionalism that he shows, even in difficult situations. Let it also be noted that the people employed here are for the greater majority composed of long time employees and the most skilled and capable group of people you will find in the industry with the sole intent of providing excellent service to its customers.

    I ask that you be mindful that anything can be posted by anyone on the internet at any time without verification of authenticity, opening the door for all forms of harassment of which no responsibility is taken. Furthermore when you stand behind your words – you sign your name to it…. You will notice my name listed below!

    Thank you for your time.

    Heather Brown

  • Sf
      10th of Nov, 2010
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    I've had the same nightmare of an experience with US Debt Settlement/Compass. They never provided any services other than collecting very high monthly payments that I believed were going toward reducing my debt. They never made an attempt to negotiate one settlement. They never forwarded one cent on to my creditors. They provided absolutely no service.
    Three years after enrolling, I'm out nearly $3, 500, my debt has increased significantly, and they stopped even responding to me long ago. I filed a complaint with the BBB, which they never responded to, and I've since filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Comission and The Association of Settlement Companies after I realized they use their logo fraudulently on their website.
    I was a full-time student in my early 20s trying to settle my debt rather than file for bankruptcy, and they took advantage of me in the worst way. They kicked me when I was down and stole from me when I could least afford it. They are nothing short of criminals and I hope one day they will face serious consequences for their actions.

  • Ro
      13th of May, 2014
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    My butt really itches.

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