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This is the e-mail that was send to me last wednesday from a bogus company demanding money from me or they will sue me. I never heard of this company, nor ever applied for a loan with them. I called the number and the man who i spoke to would not give his name and has a heavy middle eastern accent and kept demanding money or i would get reported to credit bureau and social security, plus be served with court order to pay. I know this is a fraudulent company as they are using reverse phone system and have had problems in the past with bogus companies like this one with the same run a round. Thank you.

Due to: fcs incorporation
Case file #: ag/[protected]
Balance amount: $955.54

We are going to file a lawsuit in next 24 hours at united 
States district court 99 e-bro ward blvd # 108,  fort 
Lauder dale,  fl 33301,  united states against your name and ssn.  
After giving several notifications  we did not received any response from your side.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Dallas, TX  we will consider that you are ignoring this matter and you 
Want to dispute.  we are in a process to inform the social security administration & major credit bureaus as well.
Note- if we don't receive any response from your side today,  your case file will be downloaded  automatically against you. After that, we are unable to help you and you will  receive court summons at your door steps with the cost of the lawsuit around $4203.86.
If you want to resolve this matter then we have settlement amount for you; 
1. One-time payment of $370.00 by today.
2. Bi-weekly payments of $200.00 by today till paid in $800.00

Do provide us with the date on which you can pay so that we can update your account. Once the full and final payment is received a receipt will be sent to you stating that your outstanding debt is paid in full with zero balance and you are no more debtor for the company and will update the major credit bureau.
You may reach us [protected]. Or reply us immediately.
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Jan 23, 2017

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