Fast Action Service Guy Name Derek Hatton / Plumbing leak

1 1535 W CHESTNUT STREET, Chicago, IL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 773-368-8313

I found this guy from craig's list because i found some good service from there. Anyway, i've called this (Derek hatton) for rodding my kitchen sinks and fix the leak in the bathroom. He looked under the sink, then he's told me, somebody connected the pipes the wrong way so all the pipes need to change and connect to the right way. Also there was a leak in the bathroom. Agreed the price because i wanted to hurry up and finish the job also i am tired of calling too many plumbers. He did some of the work ok, then went to fix the leak in the bathroom. After he's left the bathroom is still leaking. I've called and he's told me he is coming back to fix the leak. I was waiting for him that saturday. He never came. Now he doesn't answer the phone. I've left message many times but no answer. I came here to warn about this guy. Not a trustworthy and not reliable. He also told me most of the people crom the craig's list are bad. Now i know what he meant. Warning, warning, warning. Warning. Don't call this name derek hatton and don't take chance.

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