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I placed an order with Fashion Nova on October 12th. I paid for 2 day shipping. 6 days after my order was placed, I emailed customer support because there was NO movement on my order ( It was still showing as unfulfilled. ) When I emailed customer support I received 2 emails, one right after the other. The first email I received was from "a customer support agent" but the email seemed like an automatic response. The email told me that the order would be sent out soon and thanked me for my patience. The 2nd email I received stated that there were "delays, " and told me I could 1.) Wait for my order 2.) Click the link below and cancel my order / request a refund by gift card or a refund to my original payment method. The email also stated that if the order did not ship 10 days after I originally placed the order, It would automatically be canceled and refunded to my original payment method.
I did not want them to cancel my order and refund it to my original payment method, because I new it would take even longer to get my money back because I would have to wait for bank processing time.

I decided to wait to cancel my order until 9 days after I placed it. So on October 21st, I clicked the link they provided and I attempted to cancel my order and requested a refund by gift card. On Monday October 22nd I still had not received a gift card, and when I checked my order status, it was not canceled and it had not shipped.

I emailed customer service immediately and asked them why my order was not "automatically canceled, since it has been 10 days since I placed the order, " and I asked them why I had not received the refund by gift card as I requested.

I received an email from customer service explaining to me that my order was going to ship very soon and to keep an eye on my email for a tracking number.

This makes NO sense to me considering:
1.) I placed my order 11 days ago and nothing has happened with my order ( except them taking my money)
2.) When I emailed them they told me that if an order isn't shipped 10 days after the order is placed it will be automatically canceled and refunded ( that did not happen)
3.) I was also told I could cancel my order by clicking the link they provided, and request a refund by gift card ( which I did 9 days after placing my order ) and I did not receive that as well.

I'm actually VERY pissed off, because I have been doing early Christmas shopping, and after I placed that order on the 12th of October, I placed 4 other order between the 14th and 16th) NOT thinking there would be this much of a delay.

So now they have about $450 of my money, and I have NOTHING to show for it. Definitely NOT ordering from them again. This is ludicrous

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    Update on my horrible Fashion Nova Experience.
    I placed 4 orders
    #22398072 Oct 20, 2018 paid unfulfilled $63.67 USD
    #22351793 Oct 19, 2018 paid unfulfilled $59.46 USD
    #22318188 Oct 18, 2018 paid unfulfilled $236.49 USD
    #22042732 Oct 12, 2018 paid unfulfilled $144.12 USD

    None of my orders have shipped. I contacted Fashion Nova on October 18th regarding order # 22042732, and I received 2 emails within minutes apart from each other. The first email basically said to be patient and that the items would be shipping soon. The second email was from " [protected] "
    The second email said,
    "Due to delays in our warehouse, we are still putting the finishing touches on your order. " ... "While we don't have an estimated ship date for you yet, we will be dispatching your order and sending you a tracking number ASAP.If you'd rather not wait any longer and would like to cancel your order for a refund or gift card, please click here to cancel any time before we ship your order. Of course, if you want to wait for your order, you don't need to do anything.While we do not anticipate a significant delay, we will be monitoring your order - and if it doesn't ship within 10 days of your original order date (and you don't cancel prior to shipment), we will automatically cancel and issue a refund to your original form of payment."

    I received this email on October 18th about my first order I placed ( order # 22042732) I decided I would wait until the 21st, to see if I received any update on my order. I didn't want fashion nova to automatically cancel my order and issue a refund because that would take even more time for it to be processed with my bank. I wanted to receive a gift card instead, so I waited until the 21st, and clicked the embedded link in the email to cancel that order and request a refund.

    On Monday October 22nd, I had not received a refund, so I emailed support asking what the status of my order was. They emailed me saying that my order # 22042732 was almost ready and to keep an eye on my email for a tracking number.
    Well, now it is the 24th ( 2 days later ) and I have receive NO email with a tracking number, and no email of a gift card refunding the cost of order # 22042732

    I have 4 orders in total sitting and not moving. I feel like my money was stolen from me.
    I am going to keep posting updates on this.

    If they end up contacting me and telling me half of my items were sold out after ALL of this - oh I am going to loose my mind and #notshophereagain

Oct 23, 2018

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