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Received cell phone bill totalling an extra $43.00 worth of subscriptions to 3rd party companies that I had never authorized or approved a subscription for. The US Cellular phone rep. basically found me guilty of approving the 3rd party subscriptions when I denied them totally. I since have learned through another US cellular rep, that all the subcriptions do not have to be approved from the cellular customer to be automatically charged to your bill, but you do have to call these people personally to ask for a refund and to remove your name from their company. Now why is that, why can they apply the subscription to your bill without authorization from the customer, but you have to prove or call the 3rd party to get a refund of money you have to pay to your cell phone company for something they allowed the 3rd party company to do without your permission. Just doesn't make sense to me that my cell company would make me pay and then recoup my money. I am very upset with this type of deception and lack of responsibility on my carrier. They seem to have no loyalty to me the customer and seem to get angry with me because I am angry about charges on my bill that I didn't authorize. "Are you kidding". The 3rd party groups I had to call are, Misty News Alert [protected], Stock Alerts [protected], and 2 from Commune E Kate using two separate names one is" Fashion Your Flare" and the other"Bible Verses"[protected] and these last two were a language I don't even speak, so I wasn't even able to ask for a refund.

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  • Li
      3rd of May, 2012

    I just called U.S.Cellular on recent text messages from some place I didn't know. It was on my bill for $9.92.I was told I had to contact fashion your flare for a refund but needed to pay U.S.Cellular. I never ordered the service and I still have to pay for it. How much is U.S.Cellular making on this deal, I am ready to find another carrier!!!

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  • Co
      1st of Jun, 2012

    I also was charged 9.99 through US CELLULAR for a service that I did not order from fashion your flare. I was told to call
    8555051055 when I did this I got a message telling me to hold. I was then disconected, how are we to recieve a credit when we can't even get a hold of the company? Sounds like a scam to me. Too bad this is my first month with US CELLULAR, hope this is not a sign of things to come.

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  • Id
      2nd of Jul, 2012

    I was also charged $9.99 for a service I did not agree to with a company I had never heard of. It is a scam! I called within 10 minutes of receiving my US CELL bill and was told it was too late. I have to pay it this month, but had I told them about it before this billing cycle I would not have to pay. They have put a block on my phone so this scam will not happen again but now I need to check my bill on line for any fraudulent charges so the criminals cannot take my hard earned money again.

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  • Id
      2nd of Jul, 2012

    Failed to mention, I am adding them as a scam to every media outlet available to the general public. I should not have to check my phone bill at the end of every billing cycle to ensure fraudulent charges have not been added to my bill. I am off the rest of the week so should be able to get my complaint on at least 40 sites.

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  • Ro
      15th of Oct, 2012

    I had a text from that same place today saying my 9.99 subscription was renewed. When I contacted USCellular about it they explained that it was a scam and removed and blocked it from happening further and supposedly said I was approved for refund, but that it would take a couple days. I'm guessing in the time that these previous posts were made to now USCellular have had enough complaints now that they aren't having to argue it with the company any more.

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  • Mi
      26th of Oct, 2012

    My step-father has an account with US Cellular. 5 phones total. Last month Fashion your Flair charged $9.95 to my mom's phone. She was told to reply STOP. No refund (to my knowledge) Now this month the same charge appears against my phone! I don't understand how people get away with all this crap. We don't even have any data plan or mobile web. Just the basics!

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  • Ky
      24th of Jan, 2013
    Fashion Your Flare - unauthorized messages on cell phone
    Fashion Your Flare
    United States

    I found charges on my US Cellular statement this month ($9.99) for text messages that I DID NOT authorize. The charges involved Bible verses that have been coming to my cell phone for the past month, pretty much on a daily basis & from all over the country. I called the number on my bill & basically was told that the charges will stand but the "subscription" would be cancelled. I contacted US Cellular & was told that I could have a block put on my phone from receiving any more of these messages. I SHOULD NOT have to pay for something that I never authorized in the first place. If I see these charges again on my next statement, I will be contacting my attorney to proceed with a lawsuit for deceptive practices by this company. I also will be expecting a full refund for the amount of $9.99 back to me. This is nothing but an outright scam!

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  • Ge
      24th of Jan, 2013

    Learn how to use your damn phone!!!

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  • Ja
      2nd of Feb, 2013

    I received a charge on my US Cellular bill on this past statement for a charge of $9.99 from Fashion Your Flare. Eric, the US Cellular representative who took my call told me that I or someone else had to have signed up for the monthly subscription because it was a multi-step process online and I would have had a PIN number texted to me. He also reported to me that I canceled it on yet he same day. First, I did not knowingly sign up for it; second, I did not receive a pin on my cell phone number; third, I did not cancel it. i am glad someone did though...

    When I suggested that it was reported online to be a scam, Eric stated that it was not a scam and that it was approved by the FCC. He gave me the 855-505-1055 number to dispute the charge. U.S. Cellular has taken no responsibility for assisting me as a customer to recap my 9.99. I see now that others have had this same issue and its gone back per the above comments to May. I am disappointed in US Cellular, the company that boasts service. I have been a customer since the mid 1990s. I will be reassessing my loyalty to the company

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  • Fi
      18th of Mar, 2013

    Hello all.
    I had the same thing happen.What you need to do is call customer service with USCellular and tell them to change your $$ amount that can be charged on a phone # account.What they can do is put the limit to 1cent(penny) that way you can still get Free downloads but NOTHING can be charged that is over 1cent.This will block all of those $9.99 and other charges.
    Make sure they realize thay there are 1000's of complaint's about this "fashion your flare" online and it's a scam.I told the service rep and she was/acted surprised.I have been with USCellular since day 1 and will not hesitate to change companies if they do not represent me and help me with fraudulent charges.So far so good, but the first time they fail..i leave(5 phones).
    Good luck everyone.

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