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I purchased online lottery winning tips subscription and was sent an "invitation" from same publisher to watch a promo on a money-earning scheme that was faster and safer than the lottery. It was for and the two principles go through a series of lengthy (scripted) videos wherein they present the charade of forming a company with a secret, patented algorithm that successfully Calls or Puts options for rapid financial reward. They guarantee matching your initial deposit, guarantee earning thousands of dollars within the first week, and guarantee 24/7 online, email or telephone support. None of the above turns out to be true. Even the User Interface of the software looks nothing like what they show on the promo videos. I have repeatedly called, emailed and used their online chat systems but I either get no answer, or receive an automated message that they're closed, or the online chat support person states they're unable to assist. Moreover, the online broker to whom I've been "assigned" has asked for highly questionable identity information (passport, credit card, SSN, etc) in order to have on file in the event I one day wish to make a withdrawal from my account. I won't be making any such withdrawal because I've lost nearly ALL my initial funds --- nearly every investment has LOST money, coincidentally. I think the U.S. Attorney General ought to investigate the verity of "David Graham", "Madison Clark", and My sense is that this is purely fictitious hoakum and these folks, whomever they are, are out to do some pure evil through their scam.

Jan 12, 2016

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