Farmington Hills Manor Apartments / Residential Harassments

1 30100 Building A, W. Nine Mile Rd, Farmington Hills, MI, United States

The manager and the residents in apartments 201, 202, 102, 109 and others in building "A" all seem to work as a team to harass people they do not like and try to get them evicted. When I was asking the manager the cost to move in, in the middle of the month, she kept changing the dollar amount. Then she said she would pay half and I could pay half of the rent, she was going to split the rent with me. I asked why would you do that? She replied, "Because I like you". I did not take her offer. She has never given me a copy of my lease. I asked her once and the owners twice. They are refusing to give me a copy of the lease and the rules and regulations of the complex. The man who lives above me has a nervous disorder and does not want anybody to live underneath him. He is friends with the manager ( she happens to have a son on the Farmington Hills Police force) and friends with the people in apartments 202, 102, 109 (tall, younger dark haired woman) and others upstairs in the building. I do not spend a lot of time at my apartment on a regular basis, due to work, and helping out two handicapped family members. I'm also, single, middle aged female. The person who lived in the apartment above me was a young black male. He was not harassed to my knowledge. The very first day I moved in this guy comes out of his apartment onto the balcony and introduces himself to me and my sister. He proceeds to go to the manager and asks all about me. What was my name, my work schedule, where I worked, when was I moving in, and if I had problems with noise. The manager went against my rights and told him all of my business. He and the other tenants immediately started in with the noise and other harassment. First, my mail was being tampered with, I caught both the manager and her husband taking my advertisements off the top of the mail pile. Each at a different time. Just after the mail man left, I went to check my mail, they would come out of their door wall and go through the front entrance. Their apartment is right next to the entrance where the mail boxes are housed. Next on the harassment list is, people watch out their door walls to see (especially the guy you lives above me) who is coming and going in and out of the parking lot and the buildings. So, the guy in 201 and the other people would know when I would come home and let each other know. When I go into my apartment, a few minuets later I can hear someone come through either the front entrance or back entrance to the hallway and stand by my door then walk through. I come home from work after 11:30 p.m. and make me something to eat or drink. I have to pull the microwave door open before the beeper goes off because it sends the guy upstairs into a frenzy of banging and slamming. When I'm sitting down to watch T.V. he starts with the harassment. Up to this point he hasn't made a peep, but somehow he can hear my movements. Every time I sit still, or pull my covers off of me getting out of bed, this starts frenzy of slamming and banging. The manager told me he has felt dots on his cup board doors, if that is so, how can I hear doors being slammed. We figured out he has a hearing piece that enhances sounds. He knows where I'm at, at all times in the apartment. We have heard him walk and follow me around the apartment, stand directly over my head and either bang, slam, roll or drop something on his floor which is my ceiling. He does this over and over again for two or more hours every day before I go to work and when I get home. On weekends it goes on all weekend long. He only leaves the apartment three days of the week, so for four days straight it is not stop banging closest and cup doors/drawers, bedroom drawers and closest doors, rolling something across the apartment starting from the front door to the door wall, slamming something that sounds like a bowling ball and his steel toe work shoes on to his floor and my ceiling. Then there is the smoke and skunk smell that is in the hallway and my vents. The manager and the people across from the manager smoke very heavy when I'm there, when I'm not there they do not smoke at all and there is no smoke smell in the hallway or my apartment. Then there is this skunk smell that only smells up the hallway section where my apartment is, last time the skunk smell was put directly on my door jam so when I opened my door all this skunk smell came directly down upon me. My co-workers told me this is fake pot, it gives off this odor and it can also be in liquid form. I can here someone opening and closing the vents connected to my vents over my bed (i have a studio) in the kitchen and the bathroom. They are blowing cigarette smoke in the vents because the smoke is fresh and it fills the whole apartment. Plus, when we step up to the vent from the floor, the smell is like the person is right in the room with you smoking. The single mother next door to me and who is friends with the guy who lives above me does not work. When I drive up she makes a point to step out the door wall and blow her cigarette smoke at me when I'm getting out of my car. We suspect she is one of the people besides the guy above me who is putting smoke smell in my vents. Next, is this clicking noise that comes from the duct work. It magically turns on when I enter my apartment and last all day and night. The electric company men came in to do some work and I asked them if this would take care of the noise. They said, " oh you have it too, so does apartment 105, " and they both gave each other a look, that said these people are being harassed because there is nothing in the furnace that would cause that noise. The manager said that they never had this noise until I came there, and she had it too. Her noise no longer exist, but I still have mine. When you enter the front door of the building you can hear the clicking noise in this front entrance area, which is right next to my apartment. When the guy upstairs leaves for the day we can hear some one entering in his apartment and they pick up where he left off on harassing me. We can hear the person come from one of the two apartments before mine and some times form the back hallway door They. go up the front stairs or back stairs, go to his apartment and go in. We can hear some one take a shower, cook, have the t.v. on and the radio. I saw this tall, white, dark hair woman, with black glasses come from apartment 109 going up to his apartment, could hear her cooking and watching t.v. in his apartment then come up and down the stairs doing her laundry on the first floor. Also, when I'm home the people from upstairs use the down stairs laundry, instead of using the upstairs laundry. We have checked and the machines are not being used on the second floor. Some one puts something in the dryer that clangs for two to three hours, no kidding, we have timed it. They slam the machine doors as loud and as hard as they can over and over again. They also use the machines up to midnight. We just had a bout of snow and ice. I use my door wall as an entrance to bring in my packages. Everybody can see me and know I do this regularly. My cement outside the door wall was a sheet of ice so I could not go through my door wall if I needed to. I checked all of the patio's and mine was the only one that had a sheet of ice on it. The guy above me during the summer would dump his water and over flow all his plants with water so they would leak on my patio. When this guy above me is home I never have and hot water or shower pressure. When he is not there and I take a shower I have hot water and regular water pressure. We also noticed at times when I go to take a shower and the guy up stairs is not there the person in apartment next to his, 202 will run the water while I'm taking a shower. We always can here the guy upstairs follow me in the bathroom when I'm getting ready for the day and put the shower on or the faucet water and flush the toilet, slam the cup board doors, anything to just harass me while I'm trying to get ready. I have been staying away from my apartment because the harassment is and has been out of control for going on six months. I went back today to get some things and I wasn't even there five minuets and the clicking noise started up and the single non working mother in the next apartment 102, started slamming the cup board doors over and over again in the kitchen, where I just happen to be at that moment. I have written the owners three times and gotten no where. When it is time for the rent to be put in the people at the complex go into over drive and the harassment intensify ten fold. This guy and the manager keep trying to get me evicted. The manager even called my sister to tell her I was doing things that I was not doing, going against my rights. My privacy rights are being violated, because we have caught people and the manager standing out side my door in the hallway listening to my conversations. The girl across the way goes in her car to make phone calls and when she has a guy friend come over they go into her car and talk for hours, instead of in her apartment. When you make phone calls from your cell phone in the apartment you can hear some one sigh and breath when you are listening to the ringing of the other phone. You can also hear a clicking at different times during your conversation, like someone is clicking on your line like they use to when people had party lines. The guy up stairs has a listening device, and we have heard someone sitting on the stairs right on the out side of my apartment listening to what I'm doing. This guy 201 who is friends with the manager has been living in this apartment, now going on seven years. He harasses woman who live below him and the owners do nothing about it. He along with the other people should all be evicted. I met with one of the managers from another complex that these people own, and noise problems, along with resident harassment are on going major problems in all of the complexes they own and from what was said the problems do not get taken care of, innocent people are the ones who get taken care of, right out of their apartments. Even the police know these complexes by heart. I know this because I had to make a complaint to the police several times and go to the station, because this guy in 201 threaten me. He told me I was bothering him and if I bothered him again that he would have the police at my door every day. He is old looking for his age with a crazy man, wild look in his eyes. He always looks at my door wall when he drives up and slowing moves around his car when he gets out, never taking his eyes off of my door wall. He acts like he has a gun in his car and is deciding whether he should take it out and shoot at my door wall to see if he can kill me. So you may want to research this complex and look up the owners. They own a large amount of complexes. Renter be informed and beware.

Feb 19, 2013

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