Farmington Hills Manor Apartments / Odor that makes me sick

1 30100 Building A, W. Nine Mile Rd, Farmington Hills, MI, United States

I had posted on this site how the tenants above me, next to me and across from me are harassing me with noise, smoke, and violation of privacy. I have been spending time away from my apartment because of this harassment( I'm not there 3/4 of the time as it is and now I have been forced out I can't even spend five minuets there without someone doing one of these things to me) I had packed items in black grocery tote bags made of cloth. I also had grabbed a plastic tote bag. I was coming back and forth gathering items at different times. Each time I came back I kept noticing an odor in my apartment. The odor kept getting stronger and stronger. After I packed the bags and brought them to another place, I put the bags in an enclosed location. When I went into get the bags I noticed the same odor over and over again. I figured out it was on these bags that came from my apartment. The odor makes me sick to my stomach, gives me a headache, and makes me feel light headed. I was told this smell is synthetic pot. I could smell this on my pillow and my bedding as well, there are two vents near my bed in my apartment. This means the whole time I'm away from my apartment the people in 201, 102 and possibly 110 are smoking this and it is coming into my apartment through the vents. I already reported that I can hear some one opening and closing the vents connected to my apartment. Also my apartment is next to the entrance where there is a vent on the wall, my wall is on the other side. So some one could come from the outside and stand in the entrance way and smoke this pot and it could go in my vent. This door is not locked. When I'm in my apartment at night I have smoke and this smell coming into my apartment. I wake up feeling light head, very tired like I had been drugged, and I have a headache. I would not be moving around in my apartment and then I would smell the smoke and hear some one at the vent. Like they were waiting for me to go to sleep to put this stuff in my apartment to drug me, as a form of harassment to force me to move out. It takes days for me to feel better. So not only are these people violating the privacy laws, my human rights to live in a peaceful environment, now they are illegally assaulting me with drugs in my own apartment. This has been going on since after the first week I moved in, I just have proof now this is happening. When I have come home during the day during the week and especially on weekends I get out of my car and immediately this pot smell comes at me from the apartment next to mine apartment #102. There is a black guy who comes by and visits the single white mother in this apartment. This apartment has the door wall open even in winter and so does the man above me #201. When I come home at night he opens the door wall every night and then I have this smell come into my apartment. I didn't realize that this complex was drug invested. I do not do drugs and it is on record I have never did drugs. I was told by my co-workers if you live in a drug invested complex and you do not do drugs, the druggies want you out. They keep harassing you until you move out. So, be fore worn this place is drug invested the manager and owners have turned a blind eye to this fact. The managers son is a cop in the Farmington Hills police. I wonder what kind of retaliation I will get for posting this from these people. I'll be in touch.

Mar 01, 2013

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