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I purchased a runescape account from them about 2 weeks ago for $169.00 I got the account 2 days later because they got my email information wrong. Eventually I was able to login and I was happy. Problem came in is when I realized the email was still registered, this is a bad sign because the player could than recover his account.

I tried contacting them through email but they didn't reply, and their chat is rarely ever online. 4 days later their chat is infact up they say they will contact the user "REQUESTING" he confirms the email change. REQUESTING ASKING ARE THE WORDS THEY USED NO BUENO. Day five day six day 7 8 and 9 I checked to see if the chat was online everyday in the afternoon and really early in the morning like 2 am and they're not online.

Since I could not get the registration changed to me of course I didn't play with the account.

Day 15 I try to sign into the account and what happened? The unpredictable the user did infact steal the account back and what do you know the emails no longer work the phone numbers are fake and the chat room is still offline.

Would give 2 stars just because the prices are so good, but who cares when you will just end up losing the account?why does the price matter when you're not buying anything?


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      Jun 03, 2016 - Stay away from these guys
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    I ordered an account last night for $99 usd . and gave theme all the correct details and the payment went through but i have not recived my lvl 121 account yet. and live support have been offline and everytime i try track my order through there site tracking system, i cannont get anywere with it, im kinda annoyed and want my account, also there phone numbers are a complete sham, i called the australian one and got put through to some medication hotline in brisbane . like wtf guys?

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