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Re: Said Bothersome Female

A little awhile back, I met a rather provocative female individual at a
Starbucks on 104 Avenue, being a Metropolitan streetway in Edmonton, Alberta.
This person, quite affable, at the time, suggested that I contact her directly upon this particular POF Site, and also (she) provided her site contact information.
Unfortunately, some days, or so, following said contact, I was, as a Solictor (lawyer, actually_Retired) contacted by what I am quite, now, convinced was her Paramour.
Meaning her Lover, and so on.
In any event, shortly thereafter following this woman's own email directions, with some urgency attached thereto, from her, to me, sent certain POF Messages .. In fact .. summarily discontinuing said POF Contact with this person.
In sympathy to this Person, a Female, apparent Resident in and about Alberta, Canada, I quite naturally followed her own Directions by Private email to me (of which I have maintained a Record of) to "Act Crazy' and to 'Say Crazy Things'.
Hence, and in the Spirit of that Moment, and well against my own better Judgement, I did in fact recruit my Para-Legal Assistant, Christina, to so formulate said 'disconnecting messages'.
Little did I, until that, and again .. this very moment, and to now, did I appreciate that POF would in fact 'summarily determine' this IP Site as 'person non-grata'.
Well, that said:
Warren James Yake, B.Sc., LL.B., JD
Senior Comptroller: FargoBond ING
I Lodge this very Specific Complaint.
Kindly both Examine, and, if appropriate, Rweopen this person's (My Own)
Access to this POF Site.
This is indeed, a Travesty.

Thank you.
Warren Yake, JD

FargoBond Adjuster Group LLP

Nov 30, 2018

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